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Premium Resources
for Employers & MSPs

Take a look at our resource library below to learn more about Talent Acquisition and Crowdstaffing.

MSP/VMS RFP Templates

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, RFPs are an everyday reality of your MSP business.

Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be an efficient and pain-free process. Our templates provide an excellent starting point for your next round of supplier sourcing. And they’re absolutely FREE. The tool kit comes with:

  • RFP Questionnaire Template
  • Pricing Template
  • Weighted Scoring Calendar
  • Go No Go Bid Assessment
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MSP/VMS RFP Templates


The Crowdstaffing Ebook

Interested in how the Crowdstaffing model works?

Download our eBook to learn about the next evolution of hiring. A global network of independent recruiters and a crowd of skilled talent will take your hiring to new heights. See how a one-of-a-kind profit-sharing structure helps incentivize recruiters to deliver the best people and the best service.

The model accommodates limitless scalability and niche positions, with the assurance of 100% compliance for employers and MSP/VMS programs.

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The Crowdstaffing Ebook


The Future of Talent
in the Contingent Workforce

Your stakeholders are counting on you to keep ahead of workforce trends for them.

Gain insights about the new structures and innovative approaches that are redefining contingent talent and the global business landscape in the coming era. 

Learn about the myth of permanent talent, the rise of supertemps, and the business models of the future, through 2020 and beyond.

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The Future of Talent in the Contingent Workforce


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Crowdstaffing Case Studies & Scorecards

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