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6 Tips About How To Source Passive Candidates

If you are a recruiter or works in the staffing industry, I’m sure you know that passive candidates are usually the best candidates. But passive recruiting is often easier said than done. You’ll have[...]

November 13, 2018

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7 Ways Independent Recruiters Can Make Big Impacts on Client Innovation

Although you may not realize it, a company’s talent acquisition strategy is the cornerstone to its growth. As an independent recruiter, you may not directly see the fruits of your labor. Rest assured, companies that outpace their competitors are those with thriving recruitment ecosystems. For example, if you place motivated salespeople in an organization, and they close 10 new accounts, executives have tangible proof that your efforts increased revenues in hard dollars. It’s a strategy that Dr. John Sullivan, a respected HR thought leader, calls impact recruiting: concentrating sourcing and hiring initiatives “so that they have the highest direct and measurable impact on strategic corporate goals (i.e. growth, revenue, innovation).” Here are 7 steps you can follow today to begin making tremendous impacts tomorrow!

Finding Talent with Game-Changing Skills

As Sullivan points out, the best recruiting professionals understand that no two candidates are the same. A successful impact recruiting strategy relies on finding workers with must-have skills and attitudes.

”These unique skills provide significant measurable business impacts that can only be described as breathtaking,” Sullivan writes. “Firms like Apple and Google have found that an innovator new-hire will produce at least 25 times more than an average employee in the same job. With the increasing use of data in talent acquisition, top firms have found that there are other high-impact game-changing competencies.”

So let’s explore 7 competencies you should target to ensure that you’re filling the roles that corporate leaders highlight in their game-changer lists.

Top Talent Competencies for Impact Recruiting


Every company today faces new challenges in keeping pace with technological advances and new competitors. Innovation is key to evolution. However, we’re not talking about placing people with imagination and big ideas alone. Innovators are those workers who collaborate, influence, solve problems, and implement their ideas with the team.

A Desire to Learn

The growth mindset behind innovation is often found in individuals who continually develop skills, refine their abilities, develop processes for ongoing learning, and apply those processes to company challenges and opportunities. More importantly, they exhibit the ability to learn across functional disciplines and departments, not just their own.


The business landscape today exists in a state of flux, transformation, change, and evolution. Top talent must be champions of change who can switch gears rapidly, tolerate chaos, and shift directions as market conditions and company missions alter course.

Lightning-Fast Thinking

The increasing rise of digital technologies has fueled a world that moves faster than ever before. Exponential tech and exponential organizations have become the main catalysts. Highly valued candidates will be those workers who demonstrate quick thinking, decision-making prowess, a sense of urgency and immediacy, and who can identify ways to optimize processes to accelerate work.

A Knack for Strategizing

Innovation requires talent who look to the future and embrace big-picture scenarios. They don’t merely want to improve the companies they support, they want to see them disrupt, expand, and break new ground. “They have the capability of connecting the dots, and identifying and understanding the inner-relationships between multiple seemingly unrelated internal and external factors,” Dr. Sullivan explains.


The very nature of work has changed in this century, due in large part to globalization. Technology has broken down the philosophical and geographical barriers that once separated people. Companies must design solutions that capture the imagination of customers from more diverse cultures and perspectives. The ability to hire talent who embody different thinking, fresh outlooks, and novel ways of attacking old problems will propel growth.


Dr. Sullivan discusses the importance of a “Day 1” mindset, using the example of Amazon, which “expects individuals to act as if they work at a startup by continually experimenting, making decisions with only 70 percent of the desired information, and focusing on results, rather than existing processes.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re tackling requisitions for Google, GE, or a two-person app development house -- innovative talent treat every position as a vital, entrepreneurial role in a startup. Because companies fall under increasing pressure to pioneer new products, launch new services, or create something wholly different, even the most established enterprises find themselves in a persistent state of startup, to various extents.

Independent Recruiters Make a Difference

The demand for exceptional talent will continue to increase across organizations of all sizes. For independent recruiters, the opportunities have never been better or more lucrative. We hope these tips -- and many more to follow -- will help you drive your own business growth by empowering your clients to innovate world-changing solutions, using the workers you were instrumental in placing.

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