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Five Red Flags Recruiters Should Identify Early in Candidates

As an independent recruiter or a recruiter from a staffing agency, your livelihood springs from placing the highest caliber talent in mission critical roles for your clients. When you’ve found those superstars and hidden gems, the sense of excitement is palpable. The candidate’s resume is packed with energy and experience. His or her values seem perfectly aligned to the client’s culture. And then, once hired, you discover that this ideal worker has become a bit of a nightmare. Less serious[...]

The Incredible Power of Storytelling in Recruiting

We all love a good story, right? History itself is a system of tales -- chronicles of events, parables, myths, and beliefs told to localized groups of people who then spread them through an evolving process of oral, written, and digital media. Stories capture our imaginations. And for that reason, compelling stories have great power in driving recruitment marketing success. Let's see how superb storytelling can enhance our efforts to engage and recruit the best candidates on the market.

Do You Really Need an Office? Remote Recruiting Teams May Be More Productive

Hey there, talent suppliers and recruiting professionals. As you’ve probably seen, we spend a lot of time trying to help independent recruiters realize their entrepreneurial aspirations and branch out into full-fledged businesses. In fact, we’ve written many articles about how to accomplish those goals. But here’s something we haven’t discussed: establishing an office space. On one side of the spectrum, you’ll find people who want to set up a fun, cool space that starts to look more like an[...]

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