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A world of opportunity for
entrepreneurial recruiters

Be your own boss. Multiply your income.

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Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Career and Lifestyle?

  • I am a top producer and earner in the recruitment industry
  • I‘ve mastered my current job and have limited room to grow or develop
  • I want the flexibility to chose where and when I work
  • My job doesn’t fully support the quality of life I deserve
  • I am driven to run my own company and become an entrepreneur
  • I want to grow my income substantially

Crowdstaffing can help you achieve your
personal and business goals.

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Personal and Business Goals


We’ve Designed A Platform That Makes It All Possible

Access the latest job openings, get hires and keep track of your earnings.

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  • Search Open Positions  on Crowdstaffing
    1 Search Open Positions
    on Crowdstaffing

    Our system sends jobs to
    you based on your success
    and expertise

  • Screen And Submit  Candidates
    2 Screen & Submit

    Combine your unique sourcing
    methods with our database to find
    the best candidates

  • Candidate Hired
    3 Candidate Hired

    Once clients select a candidate,
    we handle onboarding,
    compliance and payrolling

  • Share In The Profits
    4 Share in the Profits

    Earn 33-50% profit sharing
    on every placement

Any recruiter who is hard working and has the confidence to excel will choose the Crowdstaffing model because it allows you to earn much more than a stable salary.comma

Vikas C. Top Producing Crowdstaffing Recruiting Parnter

The Perks of Being a Crowdstaffing Recruiting Partner


Earn Your Annual Income
Every Month

Grow your income exponentially through Crowdstaffing’s unique profit sharing model. With just 2 placements a month, recruiters can earn 4-12 times their annual salaries.


Recruit for Top Companies

We partner directly with the world’s best companies. You can expect a steady stream of job openings and income opportunities.


Tools And Support To Ensure Your Success

We provide outstanding support so you can focus on what you do best – finding amazing candidates and making placements.


No Financial Investment Required

Crowdstaffing is absolutely free to join. There are no fees, risks or hidden costs. All you need is a laptop, a headphone and a stable Internet connection to get started.

Become a Crowdstaffing Recruitment Partner

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Meet some of our partners

Jaya Jaya

Jaya Manila, Philippines Partner Since 2012 Annual Earnings: $216,000

Jaya illustrates how financially successful recruiters become in the Crowdstaffing program, almost immediately. She worked in a normal recruitment job for years. Although she had mastered her position and demonstrated exceptional skill, her company offered little room to grow or develop. Jaya knew she could do more on her own. When she joined Crowdstaffing, she put her refined recruiting and relationship management prowess to the test. Crowdstaffing helped her land a major client in her first few weeks. After a year, Jaya had made nearly 40 placements. That might not sound like much until you consider the profits she earns -- nearly $6,000 in annual income from recruiting a single worker. On average, Jaya takes home $18,000 each month.

 Ashish                   Ashish

Ashish San Francisco, California Partner Since 2015 Annual Earnings: $91,200

When Ashish decided to expand his opportunities and start his own recruiting business, he knew it would take time, patience and support. He had been successful at his recruitment firm, but he wanted to branch out. In 2015, Ashish opened his office. Within two months, he began making placements for Fortune 500 clients in the Crowdstaffing program. Seeing strong results and rising demand, Ashish began hiring and training a team. Today, he leads a thriving recruitment organization with five team members, enjoying a steady flow of job orders and limitless opportunities to continue expanding his business.

Amit                   Amit

Amit Bangalore, India Partner Since 2010 Annual Earnings: $138,240

Crowdstaffing makes it simple for recruiters to live an independent lifestyle while doing what they love. We help recruiters become entrepreneurs and establish their own businesses, with a vested interest in placing talented individuals in environments that sharpen their potential, ignite their motivation, and improve business outcomes for clients. Crowdstaffing hasn’t just improved the lives of Recruiting Partners, it’s empowered them to improve the lives of others. Amit uses the freedom, extra time and financial power of Crowdstaffing to support a charity that educates underprivileged youth. These children can’t afford to go to school because they must work to assist their families. “Once you get your personal needs out of the way,” Amit says, “it’s much easier to focus on what the rest of the world needs.”

Natalia                   Natalia

Natalia Bogota, Colombia Partner Since 2016 Annual Salary: $85,000

Colombia has rapidly grown to become a powerhouse in Latin America. There are more than 32,000 IT professionals in the nation, and its schools graduate up to 8,000 new engineers annually. Natalia is one of those people. Despite her success, she realized that large businesses outside the country were hiring local professionals to cut costs. Natalia knew that she could earn more by using her networks and industry expertise to recruit for higher paying tech positions in the United States and Canada. After discovering Crowdstaffing, Natalia branched out on her own. In less than six months with the program, she’s made critical placements for one of the world’s largest Internet companies and a space exploration enterprise – literally hiring rocket scientists. As a full-time software engineer in Colombia, Natalia made $13,410.09 a year in U.S. Dollars. In her first year as a Crowdstaffing Recruiting Partner, she’s on track to earn at least $85,000.

6 Ways Crowdstaffing Will Change
Your Life and Career Success

  • Prosperity

    Earn significantly more than an average recruiter and upgrade your lifestyle to reflect your goals and ambitions.

  • Growth

    Refine your expertise through our training and coaching to reach a level of mastery that isn’t possible with a regular job.

  • Security

    Enjoy a life of financial security and stability just by making a handful of placements each month.

  • Freedom

    Set up shop anywhere in the world. Control your own hours and deadlines. Invest more of your time in the activities you love.

  • Success

    Build your own team of recruiters and create a business you’re proud to lead.

  • Contribution

    With more freedom, resources and time, you’ll have the opportunity to give back to your community, your family and the world.

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Here’s What You Get As Soon As You Register

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    World-class Training and
    Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Work & Lifestyle

Where is the company located? How old is Crowdstaffing?

Crowdstaffing’s journey began in 2000 with the founding of our parent company, Zenith Talent. During that time, we’ve turned the staffing agency model upside down and pioneered exciting ways to recruit incredible talent for contingent and permanent placements. As a minority-owned enterprise, we understand the value of diversity and cherish the opportunity to find talent with fresh perspectives and unique insights. We are headquartered in San Jose, California., near the heart of tech innovation.

Will I be able to work from anywhere?

Yes, that’s a tremendous advantage with the Crowdstaffing model. Recruiting partners have the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection to reach clients, candidates and our support specialists.

Will I need to work more hours to enjoy the full benefit of the Partner Program?

Not at all. In fact, you will have total control over your working hours and conditions. It's up to you to define your own work schedule. Your earnings are fully dependent on the amount of placements you are able to make and nothing else.


Profits & Payment

How much can a recruiter partners earn? Are the fee's the same for all placement types?

Crowdstaffing runs a transparent business model where our goal is to motivate partners to become successful entrepreneurs. Recruiters can be confident that they’re earning the maximum amount for their efforts. The profit sharing model allows you to earn 33% on W2, 40% on Corp to Corp and 50% on Permanent placement. This percentage is calculated from the net profit earned on every placement.

When do I get paid? What is the payment cycle?

At Crowdstaffing, you get paid THROUGHOUT the duration of the candidates assignment. The more placements you make the more your income will increase on a month over month.

What is the guarantee that I will get paid?

We have never missed a single payment. Our entire model is based on mutual trust and transparency between clients and recruiting partners. Our platform enables you to see how many placements you've made. Some of our initial recruiting partners are still with us for this very reason. At Crowdstaffing we succeed if our Recruiting partners succeed. We take special care to ensure all our payments happen in a timely manner.

Recruiter Support

Do you provide access to job boards? If yes, which ones?

At Crowdstaffing, our talent supplier teams look for experienced U.S. recruiters who are eager to become entrepreneurs and expand their recruiting practice into a thriving business. We’ve found that professionals at this level have already invested in tools to help them source the best candidates available. That said, Crowdstaffing has provided access to Monster and CareerBuilder in special situations. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

What resources does Crowdstaffing provide to get me started?

Crowdstaffing recruiting partners are independent, not alone. As partners in our Crowdstaffing solution, you're part of a collaborative team. We make sure that all of our recruiter partners have access to unified communications platform. We deliver an integrated and powerful suite of tools to help you stay in touch with your peers and corporate support staff.

We provide:

  • Crowdstaffing email ID

  • Access to the proprietary Crowdstaffing Talent

  • Acquisition Platform (TAP)

  • Shared calendars for you and your team

  • Online systems for sharing and collaborating on important files

  • Tools for live chats and video conferences

How many recruiting partners does Crowdstaffing currently have?

Crowdstaffing is proud to partner with hundreds of Recruiters and Recruiting teams from around the world. A majority of our partners come from cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ludhiana & Gurgaon in India. We're looking at expanding this to more developing economies such as Philippines and Ecuador.

Become a Crowdstaffing Recruitment Partner

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Crowdstaffing is headquartered in San Jose, California

  • Our Values

    We believe in doing things the right way no matter how hard it is.

    We are compassionate, transparent, honest and humble.

  • Our Guarantee

    We will always treat you fairly and ethically.

    We make all of our payments on time and have never missed a payment.

  • Our Promise

    We are committed to helping you build a thriving business.

    One that gives you the income and lifestyle you deserve.

Deepti Achhreja Partner Success Manager

Got questions? Talk to one of our experts.

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