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Expand your business and get back to where you and your team excel – placing great candidates in great roles.

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Grow Your Business, Expand Your Reach

Join the marketplace that allows your job inventory to be multiplied, including some of the top hiring organizations across North America, with positions that match your expertise coming to your inbox daily.

At Crowdstaffing, we empower hiring agencies like yours to place candidates in record time and enjoy a steady flow of new job opportunities from different states and skillsets that match your expertise so you can grow your business quickly and maximize your earnings.

  • Global Recruiter

    Get rid of cold calls
    and RFP chases

  • Global Recruiter

    Get access to jobs available
    all over US & Canada

  • Global Recruiter

    Multiply your income 
    without extra costs

  • Global Recruiter

    Do it all at no
    cost to join

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

  • I am a Recruiter / Agency who serves the United States & Canada
  • I have experience and I`m ready to have more clients
  • I want to mobilize my talent pool and place them faster
  • I want to access new talent for hard-to-fill roles
  • I want to serve the country without opening new offices
  • I want to use a hiring platform that matches my candidates to roles that fit their profile

Crowdstaffing can help you grow your business exponentially.

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Personal and Business Goals


We’ve Designed A Platform That Makes It All Possible

Crowdstaffing is a modern hiring marketplace purpose-built for ambitious talent suppliers. We deliver the clients and jobs in an easy hiring platform complete with intelligent matching and seamless hiring technology for amazing hiring outcomes.

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How It Works

  • Search Open Positions  on Crowdstaffing
    1 Apply to Become a
    Talent Supplier

    We’ll set up a call to get to know you better and answer all your questions.


  • Screen And Submit  Candidates
    2 Screen & Submit

    Combine your unique sourcing
    methods with our database to find
    the best candidates

  • Candidate Hired
    3 Candidate Hired

    Once clients select a candidate,
    we handle onboarding,
    compliance and payrolling

  • Share In The Profits
    4 Share in the Profits

    Earn 33-50% profit sharing
    on every placement

Any recruiter who is hard working and has the confidence to excel will choose the Crowdstaffing model because it allows you to earn much more than a stable salary.comma

Vikas C. Top Producing Crowdstaffing Recruiting Partner

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The Perks of Being a Crowdstaffing Recruiting Partner


Grow Your Businness Exponentially

Grow your income exponentially through Crowdstaffing’s unique profit sharing model. Get new clients across the country without opening new offices.


Recruit for Top Companies

See these logos? They’re your clients now. No business development or client contracts needed. Fill as many jobs as you can handle.


Tools And Support To Ensure Your Success

Harness incredibly smart hiring technology to help you match candidates to roles, and complete the entire hiring process from a single platform. Track your submitted candidates all the way to hire.


No Financial Investment Required

Crowdstaffing is absolutely free to join. There are no fees, risks or hidden costs. Get paid for every successful placement. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Work & Lifestyle

Where is the company located? How old is Crowdstaffing?

Crowdstaffing’s journey began in 2000 with the founding of our parent company, Zenith Talent. During that time, we’ve turned the staffing agency model upside down and pioneered exciting ways to recruit incredible talent for contingent and permanent placements. As a minority-owned enterprise, we understand the value of diversity and cherish the opportunity to find talent with fresh perspectives and unique insights. We are headquartered in San Jose, California., near the heart of tech innovation.

Will I be able to work from anywhere?

Yes, that’s a tremendous advantage with the Crowdstaffing model. Recruiting partners have the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection to reach clients, candidates and our support specialists.

Will I need to work more hours to enjoy the full benefit of the Partner Program?

Not at all. In fact, you will have total control over your working hours and conditions. It's up to you to define your own work schedule. Your earnings are fully dependent on the amount of placements you are able to make and nothing else.


Profits & Payment

How much can a recruiter partners earn? Are the fee's the same for all placement types?

Crowdstaffing runs a transparent business model where our goal is to motivate partners to become successful entrepreneurs. Recruiters can be confident that they’re earning the maximum amount for their efforts. The profit sharing model allows you to earn 33% on W2, 40% on Corp to Corp and 50% on Permanent placement. This percentage is calculated from the net profit earned on every placement.

When do I get paid? What is the payment cycle?

At Crowdstaffing, you get paid THROUGHOUT the duration of the candidates assignment. The more placements you make the more your income will increase on a month over month.

What is the guarantee that I will get paid?

We have never missed a single payment. Our entire model is based on mutual trust and transparency between clients and recruiting partners. Our platform enables you to see how many placements you've made. Some of our initial recruiting partners are still with us for this very reason. At Crowdstaffing we succeed if our Recruiting partners succeed. We take special care to ensure all our payments happen in a timely manner.

Recruiter Support

Do you provide access to job boards? If yes, which ones?

At Crowdstaffing, our talent supplier teams look for experienced U.S. recruiters who are eager to become entrepreneurs and expand their recruiting practice into a thriving business. We’ve found that professionals at this level have already invested in tools to help them source the best candidates available. That said, Crowdstaffing has provided access to Monster and CareerBuilder in special situations. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact us.

What resources does Crowdstaffing provide to get me started?

Crowdstaffing recruiting partners are independent, not alone. As partners in our Crowdstaffing solution, you're part of a collaborative team. We make sure that all of our recruiter partners have access to unified communications platform. We deliver an integrated and powerful suite of tools to help you stay in touch with your peers and corporate support staff.

We provide:

  • Crowdstaffing email ID

  • Access to the proprietary Crowdstaffing Talent

  • Acquisition Platform (TAP)

  • Shared calendars for you and your team

  • Online systems for sharing and collaborating on important files

  • Tools for live chats and video conferences

How many recruiting partners does Crowdstaffing currently have?

Crowdstaffing is proud to partner with hundreds of Recruiters and Recruiting teams from around the world, mainly in the United States, Canada and India. Important notice: they need to serve the United States & Canada.

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