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Modernize your
hiring and uplevel your
on-demand workforce

Crowdstaffing is the modern, flexible talent ecosystem for growing businesses.



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Hire for any position, any specialty, any location, in record time. Empower your team or let us manage your program and never take a vendor cold call again.
  • Connected-Crowd
    One connected crowd

    A growing and diverse marketplace with 700+ proven suppliers and tens of thousands of qualified candidates.


  • IntelligentMatching
    Intelligent matching
    & distribution

    Algorithms match requirements to talent suppliers with demonstrated success in your roles.


  • PersonalCuration
    Personal curation

    Talent advisors personally curate all submissions and shortlist the most qualified.


  • HiringTechnology
    Hiring technology
    built in

    No need to maintain separate tools, it’s all included.


Empower your in-house team or we’ll manage supplier performance for you.

Explore the possibilities:

Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace

Open marketplace connecting HR teams with
suppliers and candidates


Crowdstaffing 360

Full-service on-demand hiring ecosystem



Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace

Hire for any position, any specialty, any location, in record time

While traditional contingent staffing relies on narrow talent pools, costly oversight, and manual processes, Crowdstaffing is an open marketplace of connected talent pools and suppliers. Our matching technology quickly pinpoints the right suppliers for your specific role who present their best candidates.



We validate each submission, giving you a highly curated shortlist of great-fit candidates.You choose the best candidate for the role, and we take care of employee onboarding, payroll and compliance.

  • Large network of 700+ talent suppliers ready to source and qualify talent
  • One contract, one invoice, one point of contact
  • Intelligent matching quickly pinpoints the right talent suppliers and candidates in real time
  • Dedicated talent advisors curate every supplier submission
  • Manage real-time performance with clear reporting and insights to optimize your pipeline
  • Hiring technology manages the entire talent acquisition flow from sourcing to hire
  • No upfront costs; pay only for successful hires
  • Provide an exceptional candidate experience from initial application to successful hire

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Crowdstaffing 360

The thriving on-demand model for today’s modern hiring needs

Crowdstaffing is a full-service modern hiring ecosystem for on-demand workforce management that enables businesses to hire exceptional candidates, meet and surpass hiring goals and slash administrative burdens of overseeing this unique workforce.

Unlike time-consuming sourcing, manual matching, endless interviews, and disconnected job boards, Crowdstaffing offers the power of a global, connected crowd to source and hire talent, manage an infinite number of talent suppliers, and achieving outstanding hiring outcomes.

By combining modern technology with a crowd of 700+ talent suppliers and dedicated service, Crowdstaffing 360 brings accountability, transparency, and success to your on-demand hiring strategy.



Real-time supplier
We handle all supplier relationships and provide a real-time comprehensive view of how they are performing.
Personal curation, not
just technology
Dedicated talent advisors provide high-touch support to cultivate an amazing candidate experience, and curate the perfect match for your roles.
Vastly expand and
diversify your reach
The Crowdstaffing Hiring marketplace includes 700+ motivated talent suppliers across North America representing every domain and geography. No role is too specialized.
Quickly scale up or down
Your only cost is for successful hires so you can scale up or down as your workforce needs change, by the minute, day or month.
Precise matching
and distribution
Modern AI automatically matches and distributes job requisitions to the most qualified suppliers in the Crowdstaffing Hiring marketplace with demonstrated expertise in your specific roles.
End the cold call
Prospective suppliers apply via a simple URL. We’ll handle evaluating and adding them to the crowd if they meet your requirements.

Take your hiring to the next level.


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  Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace
Empower your in-house team,
MSP or direct client hiring.
Crowdstaffing 360
All of the capabilities of the marketplace plus full-service hiring management.
700+ diverse suppliers ready to fill your roles across any
domain or geography
check-green-2 check-green-2
48-hour implementation check-green-2 check-green-2
No cost to join; pay only for successful hires check-green-2 check-green-2
Unlimited recruiter login accounts check-green-2 check-green-2
Intelligent algorithms match and distribute your unique roles to the right suppliers with proven experience check-green-2 check-green-2
Dedicated Talent Advisor personally validates each candidate submission and presents only premium candidates check-green-2 check-green-2
Complete onboarding, payroll, and risk-free compliance check-green-2 check-green-2
All hiring technology included, no VMS or ATS needed check-green-2 check-green-2
One consistent candidate experience regardless of
supplier source
Your existing suppliers can join in minutes via your
branded vendor signup
Dedicated program manager   check-green-2
One invoice, one contract, one contact for all
supplier relationships
Prospective supplier qualification & onboarding   check-green-2
Real-time supplier performance dashboard
& predictive workforce analytics
Future workforce planning, rate standardization
and spend management

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Please fill this form and we will get in touch with you.

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