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For recruiters who want to grow faster

Our hiring marketplace allows recruiters to work for several clients without the burden of RFPs. Read our FAQs to discover if Crowdstaffing is right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Crowdstaffing Works for Recruiters?

1. On registration you’ll set up your job type, categories and location preferences and start to receive daily job notifications that match your recruiting expertise. As you start to save jobs and submit candidates our smart algorithms will start to recommend new jobs as they get published. Save the jobs that are of interest and dismiss those that are not.

2. You can also search through all open job opportunities across the United States and Canada; filter by location, job type and more.

3. Add your candidate(s) and their resume. Make sure you speak to the candidate to verify their interest in the job and their current contact info (email and phone).

4. Invite the candidate to the job to confirm their application and your right to represent them.

5. Work directly with Crowdstaffing account managers and hiring managers to provide feedback and support as your candidate moves through the hiring process.

6. Your candidate gets hired - you get paid.

Sourcing How To's

Should I screen candidates before I submit them?

Yes, this is a requirement under our terms of service agreement. Crowdstaffing wants to assure a great candidate experience and that starts with a conversation. Connecting with candidates is the quickest way to establish a relationship and get a sense of if the candidate would be a good fit for the job in consideration or perhaps something all together different.

When speaking with candidates, how should I introduce myself?

When you speak to candidates, it is important to inform them of who you are and that you are working as a Recruiting Partner with Crowdstaffing. Here is an example:

“Hi (Candidate First Name), my name is [Name] and I partner  with Crowdstaffing, a hiring marketplace that connects people to opportunities. I’m reaching out to you today because I think you would be a great fit for the (Job Title) in (City, State) and wanted to see if you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity“

As the conversation continues remember to tell the candidate the following:
  - Keep a lookout in their email for an invitation to the job opportunity
  - On accepting the invitation their application will be submitted
  - A Crowdstaffing Talent Advisor may contact them about next steps.


If you need help creating your phone script, you can reach out to one of our Talent Advisors once you’re registered in the app and he will provide you one.

What if candidates ask about salary?

As a general rule, we don’t post salary for positions because the final salary depends on experience and can vary based on the candidate. We do however provide a salary range to help set the right expectations. If you have any specific salary related questions on a job, you can contact the Crowdstaffing Talent Advisor on the platform.


Can I post jobs to other sites?

You can post jobs to other sites but here are some things to keep in mind. The best place to find candidates is within your network. If you are planning to post to social media sites like: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter make sure to use your unique shareable link in your post. If a candidate applies to a job from your post they will be associated with you and the job automatically.

Can I use job boards to help find candidates?


Some recruiters post jobs from Crowdstaffing to job boards to help with sourcing and building a talent pool. If you are new and just getting started with Crowdstaffing, we’ve given you a series of tools to build and manage your own recruiting engine.

If you are considering posting Crowdstaffing jobs to public job boards, make sure to follow our guidelines:
- Register on job boards with your company name and details
- Refrain from mentioning the Client name, instead you can describe their distinguishing attributes. For example: Publicly traded video conferencing company is looking for a…
- Do not mention any details about the salary to avoid setting any wrong expectations.
- Remember you are an Independent Recruiter, so do not represent yourself as an employee of Crowdstaffing. To avoid any confusion, always make sure to use your own name and company matching your Linkedin profile details when posting jobs on job sites.

Failing to comply with any of the requirements above will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your agency and user accounts from the Crowdstaffing platform.

We also recommend you to write your own job description for job boards to stand-out from others recruiters publishing to job-boards.

Terms of Use: Confidentiality and Affiliation
The Talent Supplier shall not disclose any Client name or the salary applicable to any Job Post in any public manner, including but not limited to public forums, job posting sites, social media sites, personal Websites, blogs or advertisements available to the public. In addition the Talent Supplier will not represent himself or herself as an employee with candidates or otherwise.

To learn more about our Terms of Use, read here.


Can I publish jobs on my own website?


We encourage our Talent Suppliers to publish a list of jobs on their personal websites and have candidates apply directly through our shareable links.


How To's

How do I search jobs in the Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace?

Finding the right job opportunities to work on is quite simple with Crowdstaffing:
- Log in to your account and navigate to the Job Marketplace from the left hand navigation bar.
- Use keywords to search for specific positions and filters to narrow down results.


How does the Crowdstaffing platform recommend what job opportunities are for me?

While registering you are asked to complete your profile where you provide details on your expertise; job types, industries, location and more. Using this information the Crowdstaffing platform will notify you as new jobs are published that match your profile. You can manage your profile settings after registration from your Account Details.

As you save jobs and submit qualified candidates on the Crowdstaffing Platform, our smart algorithms start to learn and better identify the best job opportunities for you.

How do I find job opportunities for candidates I already have?

If you already have a candidate pool, finding job opportunities for your candidates is easy as uploading them once:
- Log in to your account and navigate to your Candidate Pool with your My Workspace.
- Add your candidates, make sure to provide a current resume, accurate contact information (phone and email) and location.
- As new jobs get published in the Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace our smart algorithms will scan your candidate pool and notify you of any matches. Review the matched job opportunities, contact the candidate for those jobs where they could be a fit and confirm their interest, then simply invite them to the job. Once the candidate accepts the job invitation their application will be submitted and if the candidate gets hired - you get paid.

The Crowdstaffing Process

Does Crowdstaffing allow international recruiters to participate?


Crowdstaffing talent suppliers are located all over the world however they must have registered business in the U.S or Canada with an active bank account.


I am a recruiter can I join as an individual?

Individual recruiters are welcome to join Crowdstaffing. All you need is a computer, an Internet connection and a phone to get started.


How do I know where my candidate is in the hiring process?

After you invite a candidate to a job, you will be notified when the candidate accepts the invitation and agrees to having their application submitted. Thereafter you will receive notifications on every action and as your candidate progresses to the next stage during the hiring process.  To help you understand what each stage during the hiring process means, we’ve listed them below:

  • Sourced - this is the first stage where you can see all the candidates you shortlisted for consideration on a job. In addition to the shortlisted candidates you will also see all candidates that applied to the job via your unique shareable link. Invite candidates after they have been contacted, qualified and confirmed their interest and disqualify others.
  • Invited - candidates sitting in this stage have been invited to the job but have not yet accepted the invitation and confirmed their interest to submit their application. 
  • Under Review/Submitted - once your candidate accepts the job invitation and confirms their interest their application will be sent for review to a Crowdstaffing account manager. The account manager will make sure all the information provided is accurate and complete before applying the candidate for review to the Client.
  • Applied - after your candidate has been qualified by the Crowdstaffing account manager they will move to this stage for the Client to review.
  • Disqualified - an account manager or the Client has determined that a candidate is not the right fit for the job, with a reason.
  • Offer - once a candidate has been identified they will be moved to the offer stage where you can view the details of the extended offer.
  • Onboarding - on accepting an offer the candidate will move to the onboarding stage.
  • Hired - after successfully completing onboarding the candidate is considered hired.

What type of jobs and positions do you have?

In our hiring marketplace you will find a variety of positions from companies across different industries and categories in the United States and Canada. You will also find jobs in the hiring marketplace that are either Full-time, Contract (W2) or Corp-to-Corp Contract. For Contract (W2) positions Crowdstaffing will be the employer of record.


How do I get paid?

At the top of every requisition there is a “Reward” indicated to the Recruiter. For contingent positions the approximate reward will be displayed in a per hour count while for Direct Hire positions it will be displayed in a lump sum payable after the guarantee period. 

Once you’ve successfully submitted a candidate and they’re hired for the position, here is how you will be paid:

  • For Full-time positions

After your candidate has been hired and completed the guarantee period period your Reward will be paid in lump sum via direct deposit. 
A guarantee period is the length of time your candidate is required to be actively employed by the client in order for you to receive the Reward. Most guarantee periods range between 30-90 days.
After the guarantee period is met, we will confirm your candidate is still employed. Once we receive confirmation and payment, we will process your reward and it will be paid within 10 business days.

  • For Contract (W2) positions

Once your candidate has been hired and started their assignment you will receive the hourly reward for the duration of the entire contract at the end of every month worked.
At the end of every month Crowdstaffing will generate a Rewards Report to the Talent Supplier detailing the names of your candidates on assignment as well as the hours worked for the month and respective reward amounts. The Talent Supplier will be paid after receipt of payment by client and approximately 10 days following the invoice submission. Talent Supplier Reward Reports will be sent by the 10th of every month for the previous month. 

You will continue to be paid for Candidates you have placed on assignment for the entire length of the assignment. At the end of the assignment we will partner with you to get that candidate redeployed on another Crowdstaffing Assignment and you will be paid for that assignment as well.


Who is the employer of record?

For most contingent assignments, Crowdstaffing is the employer of record. We work directly with the candidate through the onboarding and orientation process, manage weekly time and attendance, paycheck distribution, employee relations, workers compensation, and end of year tax filings. This alleviates you of these responsibilities so you can focus on what you do best, sourcing, recruiting, and qualifying great candidates.

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