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Unlike any other contingent hiring platform

Candidate Sourcing, Supplier Management, Applicant Tracking, Talent CRM plus a hiring marketplace.

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Features to power your hiring program success
Candidate Sourcing
Spread your reach wide. Publish your jobs and receive candidates both from your existing suppliers and from thousands more in our ever-expanding hiring marketplace.
Candidate Screening
Powered by AI + skilled interviewers. All candidates submitted from the hiring marketplace network are prequalified and prescreened.
Applicant Tracking
Work the way you want: Create custom workflows that reflect your hiring process. Track both the progress of every candidate and the participation of stakeholders during your hiring process.
Hiring Marketplace
Every job gets the attention and timely coverage it needs. Publish your job listings to the hiring marketplace and make it available to the Crowdstaffing supplier network to source great candidates.
Background Checks
You should be confident in your hiring decisions. Crowdstaffing performs national and international drug and criminal background checks in addition to education and employment verification for all workers we hire.
Communication and Collaboration
Send emails to both suppliers and candidates from the platform whenever needed. Plus, you can publish an instant update or critical information to communicate with all your suppliers at once. Add notes to jobs and candidates or start a private internal discussion on a candidate by tagging team members and using privacy settings.
Candidate Engagement
Automate your candidate outreach. Our smart algorithms match candidates in your talent CRM and notify them of your relevant new openings.
Supplier Management
No more distribution lists or spreadsheets. Built-in automation onboards new suppliers, handles dynamic supplier tiering, matches suppliers to your jobs, and populates supplier performance scorecards.
Performance Tracking
Receive real-time reports and analytics to track supplier success, job performance, and your company's overall contingent hiring program.
Recruitment Marketing
Enable every stakeholder and supplier to market and promote your job listings with built-in social marketing features.
Talent CRM
Organize candidates with tags, keep teams up-to-date with notes, set follow-up reminders, and schedule interviews.
Supplier Network
Dynamically scale your capacity and your reach to secure qualified candidates across a broad range of skills and geographies with Crowdstaffing’s hiring marketplace, an ever-expanding, built-in network of thousands of talent suppliers.
Workforce Management
Once you’ve chosen your candidate, Crowdstaffing can provide Employer of Record services to manage offers, onboarding, payroll, and compliance.

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