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Manage Your Entire Contingent Hiring Program with Just One Platform


Learn more about Crowdstaffing 360, the only complete hiring solution for the contingent workforce:






Let’s discuss how Crowdstaffing 360 can address your unique hiring needs.


Crowdstaffing 360, a cloud-based hiring platform with a built-in network of talent suppliers

Our end-to-end hiring solution combines the best of MSPs and VMSs in an evolved platform that better meets all your hiring needs, allowing you to:

  • Collaborate with hiring managers, talent suppliers and candidates in one place
  • Customize your hiring workflows
  • Include your existing talent suppliers
  • Expand your reach by tapping into our crowd of thousands of vetted talent suppliers
  • Automatically work with the best vetted talent suppliers per job, thanks to embedded algorithms
  • Optimize your hiring program by using robust reporting capabilities to identify trends

The Best Part? 

Crowdstaffing 360 is free to use and can be set up within one day.



What This Means For You

It’s time to streamline how you manage your contingent hiring program.



Wrangle the Chaos. Stop:

  • Using spreadsheets to manually track jobs and candidates
  • Managing relationships with multiple talent suppliers
  • Receiving duplicate candidate submissions
  • Wasting time coordinating schedules for interviews
  • Logging into multiple tools or clunky in-house systems
  • Worrying about compliance



Achieve Notable Results. Start:

  • Making strategic decisions based on real data
  • Reducing contingent hiring costs
  • Working in just one platform and with just one point of contact
  • Sending staffing-related cold calls straight to your customized url
  • Using an innovative solution at no cost to you or to your current talent suppliers



Ready to discuss how Crowdstaffing 360 can address your unique hiring needs?


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