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Social Media, the Gig Economy, and the Future of Work

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Mar 22, 2018 1:25:36 PM

The gig economy and social media are closely related. The two have grown side by side, and both have forever changed the way we work, live, and play. But has the internet brought us together or isolated us? It seems that despite being connected by a web of technology, we are segregated. Social media is siloed. Gig workers are on their own. Big Data knows more about us than we know about each other. Perhaps there’s a future of work in which technology can bring us back together?

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Tags: Gig Economy, the future of work, social media

Don't Worry; The New Facebook Algorithm Isn’t Going to Tank Your Business

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Feb 22, 2018 12:27:57 PM

Facebook is changing. So much so that it’s getting hard to keep up with all the news. From social VR to updated news feeds, the social media giant is clearly trying to do something. It may have been a rough couple of years for Facebook, but it’s still one of the most popular platforms for businesses – provided you can break through the new algorithm.

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Tags: social media

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