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MSP Program Managers Unite Traditional and Contingent Talent

Posted by Casey Enstrom on May 29, 2018 11:20:00 AM

Whatever you call it -- the gig economy or the sharing economy -- this “as a service” employment model is here to stay. It’s growing, in fact, with advocates on both sides of the spectrum: the employers and the talent themselves, who are discovering the benefits of independence and stronger earnings. In the not too distant past, we looked upon freelancing as a desperate measure.

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Tags: MSPs, contingent workforce

MSPs and Staffing Suppliers Make the Hiring Process Human in an Automated World

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Apr 24, 2018 11:27:39 AM

The contingent workforce no longer steps in for temp assignments, seasonal needs, or one-off projects — skilled contingent workers are being courted to fulfill imperative enterprise functions. Yet we must also remember that qualified, in-demand talent have choices. And although they aren’t permanent members of the team, creating a rich employee experience is just as important in attracting and retaining them. MSPs — who’ve broadened their responsibilities in managing the blended workforce — understand this and can help clients create a rewarding experience for workers of all types.

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Tags: MSPs, Staffing Suppliers, candidate experience

How MSPs Can Solve Freelancer Management Challenges

Posted by Len April on May 9, 2017 11:00:00 AM

As we discussed in April, close on the heels of VMSA Live 2017, MSPs are entering a new phase of transformation – one that mirrors and complements the evolution of the modern workforce. The original power of contingent workforce management grew from a highly transactional approach that focused on centralization, consolidation and process optimization. Today, the transactional nature of MSPs is giving way to strategic and consultative dynamics. It’s not just the mechanisms of business that have changed. Talent – yes, even contingent talent – have broken free from their cocoons and emerged as a different species of butterfly. Right now, freelancing has taken its place as the new norm. These experts are not contract workers or W2 employees of staffing firms. They are independent entrepreneurs, which begs a few questions: how do you find them, how do you engage them and how do you manage the partnerships? I believe this is precisely where MSP 3.0 will shine brightly.

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Tags: MSPs, Compliance, Contingent Workforce Management, Freelance Talent

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