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Without Real Diversity, the Future of Machine Learning Is Bleak

Posted by Bret Bass on Sep 12, 2017 11:00:00 AM

On August 26, Americans honored the 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. It was an important step toward equality, yet the democratic process and the business world don’t always mesh in their ideologies. Equality for women, LGBTQ people, minorities, and every other underrepresented group remains an elusive goal. The prevailing U.S. political administration has further compounded these efforts with vociferous condemnations of inclusion, followed by policy proposals intended to roll back anti-discrimination protections. If you don’t find the situation dire, you haven’t been paying attention. We’ve spent years, literally, writing about the economic benefits of diversity and the importance of differing perspectives to innovation. Maybe the message isn’t strong enough. So allow me to offer something more emphatic, particularly as every company will soon rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning: Without a truly equal playing field, the entire future of technology -- and everything tied to it -- is in peril.

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Tags: Human Resources, Technology, machine learning, Diversity, artificial intelligence,

Digital HR Ecosystem: Empowering People Through Technology

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Jul 28, 2016 11:00:35 AM

Instead of fearing the machines, let's use them to build a digital HR ecosystem that empowers people through technology.

At the close of 2014, we began focusing on the trends that would shape the staffing industry in 2015 and beyond, particularly as firms of all sizes began investing in performance management software to draw from the wellspring of Big Data. HR technology today is no longer a luxury or a simple way to automate processes for operational or cost efficiencies -- it’s essential to our future success. To push ahead and thrive, we must redefine staffing as a digitally fueled people business that’s enhanced and empowered by technology. Those who embrace the idea will forge new opportunities as pioneers across a digital frontier. Those who don’t may find themselves left in the dust. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to embark on this exciting journey.

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Tags: hiring strategies, hr technology, Human Resources, talent analytics, Workforce Management, employment culture

HR Desperately Needs A Technology Makeover

Posted by Len April on Sep 29, 2015 3:10:19 PM

If the machines really are taking over, nobody’s informed HR

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Tags: Human Resources, MSP/VMS, Recruiting, Talent, Technology, Automation, Big Data

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