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Monkey’s Paw Placements -- A Spooky Staffing Halloween Story

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Oct 27, 2016 11:00:03 AM

A Frightfully Fun Halloween Staffing Story Based on the Classic "Monkey's Paw"

I remember that autumn well, and a sinister encounter with Monkey's Paw Placements. I fear I shall not soon forget the events of that night. It was on the eve of a terrible storm, and I had settled in beside a comforting fire blazing in the hearth. On the mantle, the mischievous grimace of a jack-o’-lantern seemed to chuckle as the candle within flickered from sporadic gusts that escaped the chimney. Outside, the shutters clapped against the glass as the gale grew in force. The canopy of branches, too, rattled the treetops in the little hollow beyond, like macabre applause to welcome in the phantoms who enjoy one night of liberty on the eve of All Hallows.

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Tags: holidays, staffing industry, talent acquisition, Crowdstaffing, halloween

The Spooked Customers - A Halloween Staffing Tale

Posted by Len April on Oct 25, 2016 11:00:13 AM

A Spooky Halloween Staffing Poem to Enjoy

“Is there anybody there?” said the Recruiter,
Rapping the moonlit office door;
His horse’s tail, sere and withered, brushed the
Faded brand it bore:
A staffing livery, old and dated,
A relic of years long past:
And a yellowing requisition lay
In the brittle autumn grass:
Only a host of phantom customers
That haunted the office halls
Stood listening in silence,
To a voice from forgotten calls:
Stood rattling the cobwebs on darkened cubicles,
Beside sad and empty chairs,
Recalling candidates who never came
In the quaking Recruiter’s stare.
He mounted the frail steed and plodded on his way,
And the spooked customers skulked in shadows
To abide another day.
Yet their rest, disturbed by yearning, would
Be disturbed again,
As the pounding of a second horseman
Caused the gloom to part and rend:
Astride the powerful beast rode a Recruiter
Fresh and new and bold,
In whose steps followed a score of talent,
With skills they’d heard foretold:
“I bring with me a Crowd for thee,”
This new Recruiter bright declared,
“Rouse yourselves from thy grim slumber
“Your workforce is prepared.”
The spooked customers stirred as the office blazed to life;
The old door cracked and parted,
An end to all their strife.
These ghosts of languish and idleness took
Back their human shapes:
The candidates flowed through the office,
The Recruiter threw open the drapes;
The office machines buzzed and whizzed,
And the phones began to ring;
“This is the promise fulfilled,” the new Recruiter sang,
“It’s what Crowdstaffing brings.”
The formerly spooked customers shouted their joy aloud,
As orders rolled in and work resumed
Sharp suits replaced their shrouds.
The murky night erupted in a boisterous holiday:
The years of vacancies and low demand
Replaced by profit and pay:
Through all the desolate autumns
The customers now found the means
To realize through Crowdstaffing
A happy Halloween!

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Tags: holidays, staffing industry, talent acquisition, Crowdstaffing, halloween

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