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Strengthening MSP Diversity Recruitment Through Talent Referrals

Posted by Len April on Feb 16, 2016 11:00:37 AM

High Performing Business Cultures Embrace Diversity

Creating a thriving employment culture persists as a topic at the forefront of employment issues, and this year will be no exception. Part of the reason is diversity. More than 80 percent of organizations around the globe cite cultural fit as a primary employment priority. And yet, as noted industry pundit Dr. John Sullivan points out, diversity programs routinely fail to reach their recruiting goals: “I find that this failure is primary because of four factors, 1) relying on emotion rather than data; 2) being risk adverse [sic]; 3) not using assigned referrals; and 4) over focusing on EEOC goals rather than improving business results because of increased diversity in key jobs.”

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