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How is COVID-19 Shifting the Hiring Trend from Local to Globally Distributed?

Due to the accelerating effects of COVID-19, Hiring Marketplaces are uniquely positioned to support new models of employment as businesses revise hiring strategies from local to global. 

February 17, 2021

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How Hiring Marketplaces Improve Cost Transparency

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Hiring Marketplaces - A Sustainable Approach to Hiring

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12 Pitfalls in Staffing Vendor Contracts to Watch Out For

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post does not constitute legal advice. Readers of this website should contact...
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Why Your Contingent Workforce Needs A Diverse Supplier Program

The current spotlight on systemic racism in the US is refocusing attention on a critical conversatio...
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What to Look for in Your MSP/VMS Staffing Solution

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A Better Way to Engage Staffing Agencies for Your Contingent Workforce Program

  Due to evolving workforce trends, digital transformation, and recent coronavirus-related upheavals...
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The Intangible Costs of Self-Managing Your Staffing Vendors

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Understanding the Different Types Of Contingent Workers

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Why Vendor Management Systems Should Give Candidates Control Over Their Hiring Journey

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How Modern Hiring Platforms Help Source the Best Candidates

What does the process of candidate sourcing look like for you? Are you combing through disparate tal...
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