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It’s Not You, It’s Your Process: How Hiring Committees Reinvigorate Recruitment Outcomes

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Aug 16, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Times have changed for businesses, but bringing aboard top talent remains a constant. In fact, the need is greater today than ever before. And so are the challenges. Poor hiring decisions have profound impacts on business culture: low morale, waning motivation, and even degradation of an employment brand. With fierce competition for skilled talent, every person or group responsible for talent acquisition -- whether in-house at an organization or part of a staffing agency -- has been forced to reassess the ways in which candidates are engaged. Removing bias from the hiring process is essential. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to create hiring committees.

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Tags: hiring strategies, recruitment, business leadership

How to Create a Company Culture for a People-Centric Digital Workforce

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Aug 14, 2018 11:57:16 AM

These days, it’s hard to think about any aspect of life that doesn’t somehow involve technology. Yes, that includes the way we source and hire talent. Exciting digital breakthroughs, even if they seem unrelated to staffing, are undeniably shaping the future of our work and our industry. But the big question remains: How do we get there? Let’s look at some ways we can alter our business cultures and thinking to prepare for the next evolution in human technology: the people-centric, digital workforce.

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Tags: business leadership, employment culture, digital workforce

Why Remote Work May Open the Doors to Productivity More Than Open Offices

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Jul 31, 2018 11:00:00 AM

The emphasis society has placed on socialization has influenced the workforce a lot. And I mean a lot. Ironically, all of it seems to have sprung from the digital age; where computers and electronic correspondence once appeared distant and impersonal, they’ve actually strengthened our reliance on open communication. So, not surprisingly, corporate culture seized the opportunity to capitalize on the trend. The problem, as Amar Singh noted in Medium, is that open offices “misunderstand psychology and design.” They also reinforce a bias against remote work. That’s why I’d like to explore the advantages of supporting a mobile workforce in an increasingly mobile world.

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Tags: remote workers, business leadership, employment culture

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