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These Are the 3 Biggest Trends in Workforce Innovation

Keeping up with the changing world requires constant innovation — and this includes hiring. Evolving technology, the shifting generational makeup of the workforce, and a candidate-centric market[...]

February 18, 2020

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The Grouch that Stole Cruit-ville’s Christmas – By Len April

Every Cruit down in Cruit-ville liked Christmas a lot,

But the Grouch on the summit of Mt. Requisition did not!

The Grouch hated Christmas, the whole year-end season.

Forecasting? Vacancies? No one quite knows the reason.

It could be that his sourcers weren’t sourcing just right.

It could be gloomy metrics or missed KPIs.

It could be the faltering and slowing of fills.

It could be that his roles matched no talent with skills.

Perhaps the most likely reason may have been that his time andbudget

were stretched far too thin.

Whatever the trouble, performance or cost, the Grouch sneered at the calendar thinking

all hope was lost:

My competitors revel in their holiday cheer,

Their reqs are all closed and they’re staffed for the year.

They have hard-working talent with vision and skills,

Who have time to live life and cash to pay bills.

Exceptional workers who aren’t draining the coffers;

Diverse, independent and pleased with their offers.

How do they attract Cruits so qualified and rare?

My recruiters scour every job board, but prospects seem scarce;

Our candidate pools have dried up as from drought,

Our benches of talent are nearly wiped out;

Job orders languish, productivity, too.

I must find stellar Cruits but where, how and who?

The Grouch puzzled and fumed and grew Grouchier by the hour.

Innovation was stagnant and productivity had soured.

His patience, like his time, had been stretched far too thin.

‘Twas an impossible predicament the Grouch found himself in:

I can’t run my department, achieve goals and fuel growth

If I’m searching for Cruits — I just can’t do both!

The Grouch packed up his things and logged off and clocked out.

He cringed at his co-workers’ warm yuletide shouts:

Merry Christmas, indeed, I still have my doubts.

The Grouch needed a miracle, some order restored;

Then his phone buzzed with a message, which he nearly ignored.

Yet what to his wondering eyes should appear but a message from Crowdstaffing:

“Never you fear!

Total talent acquisition is just what we do,

We reach into the crowd and bring the best Cruits to you.

Our model lets us search the entire world round

For impeccable talent, any type can be found;

Our recruiters are vested one hundred percent,

In exceeding your needs for the reqs that you sent;

No matter the title, position or place,

We’ll fill all those vacancies at optimal rates;

Our scorecards are stellar, our fill times are fast,

Our placements are quality people who last;

You’re not just a client, they’re not merely temps,

We’re all partners who share a quest for success;

And together we’ll prevail, whate’er the demands,

So go enjoy Christmas, you’re in very good hands.”

And what happened then? Well in Cruit-ville they say,

The Grouch’s performance grew three sizes that day.

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