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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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These Are the 3 Biggest Trends in Workforce Innovation

Keeping up with the changing world requires constant innovation — and this includes hiring. Evolving technology, the shifting generational makeup of the workforce, and a candidate-centric market are giving rise to new ways of attracting and retaining talent. 

So, what’s going to drive workforce innovation in the new decade? These are the trends to watch out for.

1. Prioritizing Employee Engagement—Even While Hiring


It’s 2020, and everyone agrees on the importance of having an engaged workforce — it’s a business priority. Engaged employees are more productive at work, more likely to boost their organization’s revenue growth, and less likely to leave. In fact, disengagement at work costs organizations 34% of an employee's annual salary. And given that 53% of American workers are not engaged at work, that’s a big deal. 

Engaged employees find meaning in their work. They have a positive attitude because they like their work environment and feel they have plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. So, if you want to hire engaged employees, start by getting the matchmaking right

Recruit people who believe in your organization’s mission and will thrive in its culture. Nurture constant growth through trainings or even a formal mentorship program that enables two-way learning. And finally, tap into the power of people analytics to make more informed, data-driven decisions about managing talent in the workplace. 


2. Capitalizing on Your Employer Brand


Your employer brand communicates your identity as a company, shares your employee value proposition, and paints a picture of what it would be like to work for you. A strong employer brand helps businesses attract top talent, especially in competitive markets, and can even help keep a rejected candidate’s interest in working with you in the future. 

But to build a powerful employer brand, you need to make sure every candidate touchpoint is aligned with your values. And technology can help. If you value honesty and open communication, you can use recruitment chatbots to back that up by rapidly answering candidate queries. Some employers are even turning to virtual reality and gamification to show prospective candidates what it would be like to work at their organizations. 

And remember, the biggest champions of your employer brand are your employees, so pay attention to overall employee experience. Research shows that 59% of candidates believe that employee referrals are the most important method for evaluating employer brands. Candidates value authenticity, so give them that. Share employee voices and opinions on social media and your careers page to give prospective candidates a peek inside your company.


3. Integrating Your Hiring Technology 


Technology innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data have taken the world by storm, recruiting included. With the ability to organize massive amounts of information, analyze data, and automate repetitive tasks, hiring technology creates more time and space for human engagement in complex and strategic recruiting tasks. 

For example, advanced AI can automatically match the most qualified candidates to open positions, intelligent hiring platforms can analyze recruiting KPIs, and other recruiting tools can manage interview scheduling. Essentially, technology can streamline tasks and provide additional insights, giving recruiters time to focus on other tasks and the ability to use data to find the right fit.


Finding the right fit


So how do you find the right technology for your unique hiring needs? There are hundreds of options available that all do different things, from sifting through candidate applications to managing the candidate experience. But if you want an all-inclusive platform, our technology can help. Crowdstaffing 360 combines multiple functions in one platform — all candidate data lives together, and you can fuse tasks into one platform to optimize every part of the recruiting and hiring cycle. 

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