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These Are the 3 Biggest Trends in Workforce Innovation

Keeping up with the changing world requires constant innovation — and this includes hiring. Evolving technology, the shifting generational makeup of the workforce, and a candidate-centric market[...]

February 18, 2020

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Explore the New Frontier of Talent Acquisition in This HRO Today Webinar

A few days ago, I was invited to contribute my insights on the new frontier of talent acquisition to HRO Today’s Services and Technology Association. Participating in the webinar was an honor and an excellent opportunity to contribute to the discussion. Not only does HRO Today offer the deepest reach into the Human Resources space, its analysts and thought leaders share a similar perspective and understanding: the nature of hiring -- and of talent -- has changed dramatically. We need fresh strategies to attract, engage and retain amazing candidates. However, we also need to shift our focus from filling roles to achieving optimal outcomes. Future success requires a transition from merely hiring talent to hiring exceptional results.

New Business Demands Require New Hiring Strategies

We’re standing at the precipice of a new employment world -- one that emphasizes elasticity, independence, opportunity and entrepreneurialism. To capitalize on the power of our evolving talent force, we as staffing professionals must also evolve our programs.

Today’s business leaders are facing urgent talent acquisition challenges. Chief among these are the antiquated ways talent is assessed and how having great talent doesn’t always correlate to high performance or results. Fortunately, there are fresh approaches that have reinvented the talent acquisition process -- models that give talent the recognition and importance they deserve while shifting organizations away from self-serving goals to an ecosystem where everyone thrives.

One could argue that not since the 1950s have we witnessed such alignment between companies and workers in terms of demand and expectations. The DNA of the workforce has changed. The fabric of the labor market has changed. All stakeholders in the staffing ecosystem must rapidly adapt to thrive. That includes HR, staffing agencies, MSPs and the growth enterprises they serve.

From Big Data to online recruiting platforms and social apps, the tools of our trade are transforming at an accelerated pace. Driving these advances are the viability of the gig economy, online talent marketplaces, on-demand recruiting apps, and the decoupling of consumers and employees. Yet this is also creating the opportunity for a true hiring ecosystem -- a model that eliminates silos, promotes entrepreneurship, celebrates talent and rewards results. It’s imperative to our ongoing success as an industry that we think about and hire talent differently.

Building this high-performing workforce begins with talent. However, we must alter our idea of what top talent is. It involves more than hiring people with the proper qualifications, skill sets, education and work experience -- it’s about seeking out talented individuals who can deliver results.

With that, I encourage you to register for the HRO Today webinar, “The Secret to Building Great Teams: You’re Not Hiring Talent, You’re Hiring Results.” It’s free and available online. In it, I’ll be discussing the birth of a new hiring ecosystem that will help HR professionals, procurement leaders and other talent stakeholders build and manage this powerful new workforce community. Here are a few of the highlights.

Emerging Talent Acquisition Platforms

New technologies influence modern hiring: vendor management systems, social networks, online staffing platforms and more. These platforms help clients determine optimal fit between candidates and business cultures based on performance over time rather than skills or a resume, eliminating biases that can arise from diversity, education and work experience.

Creating Project Teams

Thought-leading enterprises are transforming departments into project teams. This approach empowers talent to exercise greater degrees of initiative, alignment with internal and external customer needs, and assume more personal accountability for their performance.

Transforming Job Descriptions into Results Descriptions

Where job descriptions emphasize required skill sets, results-based descriptions focus on the measurable outcomes that a worker should achieve in the role.

Opening the Doors for Anyone to Apply

An open marketplace with advance rating systems helps remove intrinsic bias to find talent who perform and produce results at the highest levels. What a worker may lack in terms of skill or longevity, he makes up for through motivation, a willingness to learn, a desire to succeed and a drive to over achieve.

Using a “Swarm Approach”

By harnessing the power of large crowds, businesses simultaneously and efficiently tap into the minds and abilities of “the many.” With this “more is more” approach, you have multiple minds working toward your solution -- more variety, greater opportunities to consider approaches you hadn’t before, and a higher likelihood of identifying talent who share your vision.

Trying Before You Buy

Contingent work creates an opportunity for employers to assess new workers’ results. Meanwhile, talent get to try out prospective employers.

Developing an Army of Brand Ambassadors

Encourage teams to create their own brands within the organization, educating customers and prospective employees on why they’re the right experts to work with. Ultimately, this will bolster the macro brand of the entire organization.

Creating a Rich Micro Culture

A successful enterprise seeks out talent who reflect the organization’s macro culture but who embody the micro culture established by their closest colleagues and work groups.

Adopting a Talent Ecosystem Perspective

Companies winning the war for talent are those transforming staffing processes into talent ecosystems -- ensuring that workers are aligned with the organization’s mission and that the company is aligned with the goals and aspirations of its talent.

Listen to the Webinar Now at HRO Today

Modern talent acquisition involves more than hiring people with the proper qualifications, skill sets, education and work experience -- it’s about seeking out individuals who can deliver results. In my presentation, I’ll explore groundbreaking strategies for building a high performance ecosystem that yields results without focusing on talent.

I hope everyone comes away with a clear grasp of how we can modernize talent acquisition through bold, unconventional hiring models that tap into the power of crowd-based solutions. Access the webinar today.

Sunil Bagai
Sunil Bagai
Sunil is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, thought leader and influencer who is transforming the way companies think about and acquire talent. Blending vision, technology and business skills honed in the most innovative corporate environments, he has launched a new model for recruitment called Crowdstaffing which is being tapped successfully top global brands. Sunil is passionate about building a company that provides value to the complete staffing ecosystem including clients, candidates and recruiters.
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