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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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Looking for Tech Talent? It’s Going to Be Extra Hard This Year

Hiring for tech has never been easy. Unfortunately, this year is going to be the hardest one yet. There have been great strides in AI and Big Data so far, and it’s only the beginning. Businesses are in desperate need of talent that can build, implement, and analyze their solutions. The battle for the best talent rages on, and it’s starting to get pretty intense.

Finding tech talent is one thing, hiring talent is a completely different beast. Recruiters are already pulling from a small pool as it is, and many businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to win over the best talent. The average tech candidate stays on the market for just ten days before being scooped up – that’s not a lot of time to find, woo, and hire anyone! The longer the position is left unfilled, the longer other employees are left to pick up the slack, which is not good for business. According to Indeed, 36% of businesses say that long time-to-fill rates have caused existing employees to get burned out, and 86% say the talent shortage has hurt their business in general. Needless to say, if you want to find talent in this cutthroat job market, you have no choice but to be on your A-game.

The Most Troublesome Tech Roles for 2018

There are a handful of technologies and skills that are in high demand this year. Employers should first focus their resources on positions that are hardest to fill, then identify duties that can be supplemented with freelance workers. According to the Robert Half 2018 Technology Salary Guide, these are the top 5 toughest roles:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst – designs and develops data analysis solutions. Look for experience in BI, T-SQL, and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Soft skills include a love for research and the ability to communicate across multiple departments. Average salary ranges from $104,000 - $175,750.
  • Data Scientist – analyzes large data sets to create actionable solutions that drive innovation. The best candidates for this role are inventive and highly analytical. Hard skills include experience with Python or Java languages and SQL. Average salary ranges from $119,000-$168,000.
  • Database Developers – builds databases with front-end users in mind. Good communication and problem-solving skills are a must. Technical skills include experience with enterprise database programs like SQL, Hadoop, Oracle, etc. Average salary ranges from $116,000 - $164,500.
  • Developers – works with a team to build applications, programs, databases. Needs to be able to translate complex tech concepts into business-oriented strategies for non-tech team members. Hard skills include experience in common languages and frameworks like Java, C++, etc. Average salary ranges from $103,000 - $146,000.
  • DevOps Engineers – bridges the gap between the two teams to build holistic business solutions. Must have ample technical experience, a “big picture” perspective, and a knack for collaboration. Average salary ranges from $105,000 - $152,000.

Update Your Hiring Strategies if You Want a Fighting Chance

Big Data and automation have disrupted nearly every industry, influencing workforce and hiring trends across the board. Due to the shortage of talent, project-based roles are on the rise. Regardless of role type, employers must be ready to jump the moment a candidate shows interest. Another study by Robert Half reports that more than two-thirds of candidates will lose interest if they don’t hear back within two weeks after an interview. If you want to find the best tech talent (and find it quickly), you’ll need to ensure your hiring process runs like a well-oiled machine.

Streamline the Pipeline

A lengthy hiring process has no business here. Of course you want to vet tech talent properly, but keep in mind, there’s no time for indecisiveness. Conducting multiple interviews or waiting to hear back from handfuls of executives will only drag out the timeline. Speed up the process by shortening the time between interviews and involving only the leaders who fully understand the role.

Get Hiring Managers and Recruiters Working Together

Tech recruiters can be your best soldiers in a talent warzone, but only if they have strong communication lines with hiring managers. Both parties should have a firm understanding of the job requirements and candidate personas. They’ll need to collaborate to develop an efficient hiring process, job description, and competitive compensation packages.

Look for Potential, Not Direct Experience

The unicorn is called so for a reason. The chances of you finding a candidate who meets each and every one of your requirements are slim to none. Instead, look at how they acquired their soft skills and hard skills. Candidates who learned their skills through boot camps or online courses often have that magical combination of ambition and resourcefulness that drives today’s most innovative tech talent.

Know Where to Source

You’ll be hard-pressed to find the best candidates on traditional job boards like Indeed and Monster. In fact, you might even have a tough time finding them on LinkedIn. Think about it: would you be active on LinkedIn if you were constantly getting barraged with messages from headhunters? Probably not. Sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow offer slightly better odds, but they’re quickly becoming overrun as well. You’ll need to rely on your research and networking skills if you want to find the real gems.

Learn How to Attract Passive Candidates

It’s highly likely that the best candidates aren’t going to be looking for work. Again, this is where your networking skills come into play. Remember, hiring for tech is an investment of both time and money. It might be worth it to shell out some cash to consult with a tech expert or veteran recruiter. And brush up on your strategies for recruiting passive talent, while you’re at it.

Create a Seamless Candidate Experience

Most candidates will visit your website shortly after learning about your job opening. This is a pivotal moment in candidate experience, and it plays a big part in whether the candidate will continue through the hiring funnel. For this reason, your branding and messaging need to be immaculate, especially on your careers page.

The tech industry is going to continue doin’ its thing, and finding tech talent is going to continue to challenge even the most seasoned recruiters. Now more than ever, employers need to ensure their hiring strategies are on-trend.

Sunil Bagai
Sunil Bagai
Sunil is a Silicon Valley thought leader, speaker, motivator, and the visionary behind the groundbreaking Crowdstaffing ecosystem. Blending vision, technology, and business skills, he is transforming the talent acquisition landscape and the very nature of work. Prior to launching Crowdstaffing, Sunil honed his skills and experience as a business leader for companies such as IBM, EMC, and Symantec. "We need to think exponentially to mindfully architect the future of humanity, civilization, and work. When we collaborate and work together, everyone prospers."
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