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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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This July 4, Let’s Celebrate the Opportunities Awaiting Independent Recruiters

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress officially declared that the 13 American colonies considered themselves an independent nation, no longer restrained by the yoke of the British crown, and set about to create what is now the United States. Liberation didn’t come lightly; shackles, once forged and applied, are not easily broken. Yet through the dedication of its people, the country prevailed. And we honor this enduring spirit of freedom every year on the Fourth of July. The interesting thing about the 21st century is that we’re seeing these stirrings of autonomy in business. Corporations and workers are becoming more aggressive in their need to control their own destinies and forge their own paths. Through a groundbreaking talent and technology ecosystem, our own company is proclaiming its independence from the traditional boundaries of the industry to build a better world for clients, workers and recruiters. So I want to take a moment and talk about independent recruiting. It’s on the rise, and it’s creating tremendous opportunities.

The Advent of Micropreneurs

With the expansion of the gig economy and the boost in freelancing, we are witnessing the advent of a new era of entrepreneur -- the micropreneur. Data from EY would seem to back this up. In its Megatrends 2015 report, EY saw momentum building toward heightened levels of entrepreneurialism. The majority of people inspiring this shift are Millennials -- 70 percent of those polled across 42 countries. They’ve become disillusioned by income inequality, a lack of security and the waning opportunities they find in traditional corporate cultures. They want to forge their own successes. They want freedom, growth and flexibility. They want independence.

Although they’re mistaken for being lazy or selfish, Millennials are industrious, team-oriented, creative, innovative workers. They problem is that the traditional corporate job has lost its appeal and authoritative influence. If you read the blogs and online publications run by Gen Y professionals, you quickly uncover this theme.

  • Millennials are diligent and hardworking. They will give their all to roles that recognize them, develop their skills and recognize their contributions. Too often, though, they feel that they’re building empires for executives who value profits and personal bonuses over staff.
  • They no longer want their futures determined by their parents’ generations -- the same folks, Millennials perceive, who left them with a broken economy and faulty social system.
  • Micromanagement makes them less productive. Countless studies demonstrate that remote talent achieve more at home in half the time.
  • Gen Y grew up with technology. They grasp the processes and possibilities. They are the pioneers at the cusp of a digital revolution, yet their ideas are often suppressed. They want to be heard and allowed to flourish.
  • Millennials inherently understand how to utilize social platforms to build a brand. They also tap into these networks for support, mentorship and to outsource the skills needed to create thriving business opportunities.
  • Despite all the talk of wanting to learn and grow, Millennials will tell you that they want to be compensated fairly for the work they provide. Most of them lament that they’ve been treated as glorified interns or fungible commodities.

For those filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, I believe it’s the perfect time to become an independent recruitment professional. Employers are racing to find skilled workers, yet their internal resources can’t keep pace with the job orders piling up on their desks. That’s why more companies are turning to the staffing industry for help. Even then, however, positions go unfilled and the war for talent rages on. Why? Because agency recruiters face limitations that independent recruiters have overcome.

The strongest corporate recruiters, through no fault of their own, remain limited in scope because they represent a single organization. In a lot of ways, according to industry experts, the same issues are starting to impact traditional staffing agencies. Greg Savage, a recruitment thought leader, explained why the agency business model has become “grotesquely dysfunctional.”

“Clients, naively thinking they get a better service because they get agencies to compete, actually get a far worse service because they are actively encouraging recruiters to work on speed, instead of quality,” Savage wrote. “Recruiters suffer because even if we want to, we can’t really ‘partner’ or ‘consult’, or ‘value-add’, and in the end we only fill one out of five jobs, if we are lucky, destroying profit in many cases, and the careers of recruiters too, who simply burn out, chasing rainbows.”

Independent recruiters have the upper hand here. Because they work across a variety of clients, they have a broader knowledge of business cultures, organizational needs, industries, in-demand skills and the functional roles of their talent. Corporate or agency recruiters are often assigned to one client, which provides them insight to a single industry and employment brand, with a narrow list of job categories to support. Beyond that, they’re usually given a subscription to a couple of job boards where they seek out active candidates.

As we know from LinkedIn reports, the active talent pool makes up only 25 percent of the available candidate marketplace. Independent recruiters excel at marketing positions to passive candidates -- the most sought after group of talent, who represent the remaining 75 percent of potential workers.

Entrepreneurial recruiters rely on more creative sourcing tools, applications and techniques that emphasize engagement and interaction. They bring a wealth of past industry and organizational experience to the process. They have worked with a variety of hiring managers across industries and job categories, enhancing their knowledge of real-world job needs, position requirements and applications. The problem is that most of the independent recruitment networks become a “pay to play” proposition. They can require some level of financial investment, deliver small returns and leave recruiters to fend for themselves. That’s why we built a model that eliminates these constraints: Crowdstaffing.

Independent, Not Alone

The Crowdstaffing model exposes independent recruiting professionals to unlimited earning potential and ongoing opportunities, while freeing them to live their lives. It also inspires recruiters to become entrepreneurs, with greater opportunities through an evolutionary profit-sharing program instead of a capped commission.

Crowdstaffing Recruiter Partners are part of a global team, not a disjointed network. Unlike other crowd-based recruiting enterprises, Crowdstaffing curates the process and provides the resources independent recruiters need. We’re talking about internal client services teams, recruiter partner engagement and mentoring professionals, dedicated marketing resources and training. Yet, we view recruiter partners as fellow entrepreneurs -- businesses that fuel the mechanisms behind Crowdstaffing’s operations and service delivery. These micropreneurs receive support, yet they achieve the rewards associated with independence.

  • Lower Time to Fill: Our private marketplace leverages the power of the crowd, providing recruiters with a vast candidate pool. That means more job orders, less time to fill and more money from placements.
  • Work From Any Location: Set up shop anywhere in the world. Recruiting isn’t just your job, it’s your business. Our recruiter partners are entrepreneurs. We provide the tools and support they need to establish their own offices and communicate with their global network of peers through a unified platform.
  • Set Your Own Hours: As an entrepreneurial global talent acquisition specialist, you set your own schedule, business hours and deadlines. We provide requisitions and a world-class client base to support.
  • Leverage Your Talent Pools: Right now, employers are looking to fill a glut of job openings. Crowdstaffing helps recruiters place great candidates who were previously vetted for other searches, or who are coming off assignments. Redeploying proven talent is a core focus, which provides exceptional workers with ongoing opportunities, strengthens employment brands and delivers cream-of-the-crop candidates to clients.

Independent Recruiter Success Stories

We believe that a robust, crowd-based recruiting network transcends the idea of just freelancing. It is a global business network, powered by a crowd of committed and high-performing entrepreneurs. Some recruiters begin individually and find themselves building teams of five to 10 workers. They open up offices and command the helms of flourishing enterprises. When we talk about a world of opportunity, we’re literally discussing a worldwide ecosystem. Skilled recruiting professionals from all corners of the globe are placing top-tier workers in industry leading companies locally, across the whole of North America. Check out of some of these validation pieces.

The Philippines

Jaya worked in a traditional recruitment job for years. Although she had mastered her position and demonstrated exceptional skill, her company offered little room to grow or develop. Jaya knew she could do more on her own. When she joined Crowdstaffing, she put her refined recruiting and relationship management prowess to the test.

Crowdstaffing helped her land a major client in her first few weeks. After a year, Jaya had made nearly 40 placements. That might not sound like much until you consider the profits she earns -- nearly $6,000 in annual income from recruiting a single worker. On average, Jaya takes home $18,000 each month.


Colombia has rapidly grown to become a powerhouse in Latin America. There are more than 32,000 IT professionals in the nation, and its schools graduate up to 8,000 new engineers annually. Natalia is one of those people. Despite her success, she realized that large businesses outside the country were hiring local professionals to cut costs. Natalia knew that she could earn more by tapping into her networks and industry expertise to recruit for higher paying tech positions in the United States and Canada.

After discovering Crowdstaffing, Natalia branched out on her own. In less than six months, she filled critical openings for one of the world’s largest Internet companies and a space exploration enterprise -- literally hiring rocket scientists. As a full-time software engineer in Colombia, Natalia made $13,410.09 annually in U.S. Dollars. In her first year as a Crowdstaffing Recruiter Partner, she was on track to earn at least $85,000.

San Francisco, California -- USA

When Ashish decided to expand his opportunities and start his own recruiting business, he knew it would take time, patience and support. He had been successful at his previous firm, but he wanted to explore his true potential independently.

In 2015, Ashish opened his office. Within two months, he began making placements for Fortune 500 clients in the Crowdstaffing program. Seeing strong results and rising demand, Ashish started hiring and training a team. Today, he leads a thriving recruitment organization with five members, enjoying a steady flow of job orders and limitless opportunities to continue expanding his business.

Free to Succeed

Independent recruiters represent the future of staffing, and the rekindled desire for independence is spurring this demand. This Independence Day, it’s a great time to reflect on that cornerstone of the American dream -- capturing the essence of Thomas Jefferson’s final public statement, which reminds us that people truly prosper without “saddles on their backs.” And having the support of a partner who believes in you will propel that success to new heights.

Casey Enstrom
Casey Enstrom
Casey is one of the staffing industry’s household names, specializing in sales and operations leadership. He brings extensive knowledge of business development and sales strategies, predictive analytics, leadership, and human capital solutions. Prior to Crowdstaffing, Casey served as the Vice President of Technical Sales, North America, for a Fortune 1000 staffing firm.
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