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These Are the 3 Biggest Trends in Workforce Innovation

Keeping up with the changing world requires constant innovation — and this includes hiring. Evolving technology, the shifting generational makeup of the workforce, and a candidate-centric market[...]

February 18, 2020

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Introducing Crowdstaffing - Letter from the CEO

Dear Friends,

As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said over 2500 years ago, “the only thing that is constant is change”.  At Zenith Talent, we embody this philosophy.  Just three years ago, we rebranded to Zenith Talent in an effort to make talent the core focus of our endeavors.  While extremely satisfied with our progress and results to date, we have not been standing still.

In recent years, we have been working on a new model for recruiting called Crowdstaffing which has been transformational for recruiters worldwide by being the first to provide a lucrative profit sharing model that enables entrepreneurship, freedom, flexibility and tremendous earning potential.

Crowdstaffing has been proven at world class clients, yet much of the success to date has been behind the scenes and with very little fanfare.  It’s time to change that.  With all of the wonderful technology enhancements that are underway, we have decided to officially launch Crowdstaffing as a separate business offering - an open marketplace “Total Talent Acquisition” hiring platform.  Going forward, Crowdstaffing will become the world-facing brand and Zenith Talent will remain the employer of record and parent company.  To learn more about Crowdstaffing and our game changing initiatives, I invite you to visit us online at www.crowdstaffing.com.

We are excited about the upcoming changes and promise to continue to innovate and push the boundaries on what is possible. Our mission is to provide value throughout the entire recruiting lifecycle, from the talent that is hired, to the client that is hiring, and everywhere in between.

We are excited that you are part of our journey and thank you for your partnership!


Sunil Bagai

Sunil Bagai
Sunil Bagai
Sunil is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, thought leader and influencer who is transforming the way companies think about and acquire talent. Blending vision, technology and business skills honed in the most innovative corporate environments, he has launched a new model for recruitment called Crowdstaffing which is being tapped successfully top global brands. Sunil is passionate about building a company that provides value to the complete staffing ecosystem including clients, candidates and recruiters.
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