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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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Will AI Hurt Talent Professionals? Not the Ones Who Use it Right

If the iconic show “Mad Men” was rebooted for the digital age, it would no longer show dapper, laid-back men sipping whiskey and pulling creative rabbits out of their imaginative hats. Rather, it would focus on teams poring over screens and charts deciphering consumer data to uncover behavioral trends that inform marketing decisions. 

Why? Thanks to marketing technology (MarTech), marketers no longer depend solely on individual talent and their own assumptions. Marketing has evolved into an exact science, requiring people to interpret solutions from hard data with the help of technology.

In an increasingly digital age, keeping technology out of marketing became impossible. And while it’s no match for the human brain, technology has only improved marketers’ ability to reach their intended audience. 

Talent acquisition and talent management are ripe for technological involvement, too. Was this bad for marketers? Absolutely not (keep reading!). Will it be bad for recruiters? Not at all—especially not for those who adapt early and use these new technologies to bring their organizations forward. 

How MarTech Has Elevated Marketing Careers

MarTech includes any software that helps marketers do their job—and do it better. A marketing department’s technologies—from email automation programs, to social media schedulers, to analytics platforms—is called its tech “stack.” Marketers use their stack to understand target audiences, engage customers, nurture relationships, and ultimately build a loyal customer base. 

Marketing decisions are now made using hard, intelligent data rather than intuition and assumptions. And as a discipline, the field has gotten much more exact. So what does this mean for marketing professionals? They’re now equipped with specialized technical and analytical skills, helping them to better engage customers at every touchpoint while providing critical data that drives business strategy and growth. 

It also means they’re more accountable to the CFO, and it empowers marketers to prove a return on investment (ROI) for the line items in their ever-expanding budgets. On average over the past few years, companies have steadily allocated 11% of their total budget to marketing. And while spend on traditional marketing steadily declines, there’s a consistent increase when it comes to year-over-year digital marketing spend. 

But investing in MarTech isn’t the only way companies are putting more resources toward marketing—they’re also paying higher salaries to their marketers. Why? Because marketing has gained more specialized positions and can now prove its worth. In fact, according to salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers are among the top 25 highest paid professions in the U.S, topped only by CEOs when it comes to non-medical or engineering jobs. And five out of the eight highest-paying marketing jobs make heavy use of MarTech

According to salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, marketing managers are among the top 25 highest paid professions in the U.S, topped only by CEOs. And five out of the eight highest-paying marketing jobs make heavy use of MarTech.

But now it’s your turn. Talent acquisition is undergoing a similar tech-powered revolution. Automation and AI are set to rapidly overtake the industry landscape and, as all of human history has taught us, those who adapt quickly position themselves not just to survive, but to thrive.

How Will the Evolution of Hiring Tech Affect Your Career? 

While marketing helps organizations increase their revenue, recruiting is set to become integral to driving innovation and improving productivity. After all, any organization’s success depends on having great talent. And new recruiting and hiring technologies powered by AI stand poised to revolutionize how we do our jobs—especially for those who manage an unwieldy contingent labor program. 

Advanced AI matches open jobs to the highest-performing talent suppliers, robust hiring platforms automatically track the status of open jobs and organize them into an intuitive hiring dashboard, and built-in tools allow instant interview scheduling without the back-and-forth. An integrated hiring technology stack can unlock new data insights, simplify sourcing, improve employer branding and marketing, and solve structural inefficiencies. And truly innovative products, like Crowdstaffing 360, do all that within one platform.

HiringTech frees us up to do the things we do best: find and hire the best fit for our jobs, strategize our long-term hiring strategy, build and share strong company cultures that attract great talent, and optimize every step of our recruiting process, from backend work to candidate engagement, sourcing, screening, assessment, and onboarding. 

What high-paying recruiting jobs might we see in the near future? We expect to see companies hiring Digital Hiring Strategists, Hiring Automation Specialists, Workforce Data Scientists, Talent Acquisition Business Partners, and even Workforce Prosperity Officers.

Consider where you could be in the next few years if you take an instrumental role in using HiringTech to raise your talent team’s profile within your organization. If that prospect excites you, then we’d love to hear from you and even help you build a case for getting started. With Crowdstaffing 360, your team can manage your entire contingent hiring program in one place. All candidate data lives in one spot and you only need to use one platform to cover every function related to your job. Instead of dealing with multiple recruiting tools, you can fuse all tasks into one platform and optimize every part of the recruiting and hiring cycle.

Watch our video or request a demo today to see how it works.


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