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Evolving Contingent Work Trends and How Companies Can Benefit From Them

The continual growth of contingent work makes one thing clear: it’s here to stay. More and more individuals are opting for the autonomy and flexibility of contingent work, especially as technology[...]

May 19, 2020

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How Next-Gen Vendor Management Systems (VMS) Innovate Hiring

In no uncertain terms, these are unprecedented times when it comes to hiring. AI-boosted hiring technology is one way to make the best of today’s difficult situation.

Hiring can be difficult, even in the best of times. Can you identify and attract the right candidates? Do you question whether you’ve made a good hiring decision? Can you find quality candidates who have the right expertise, can do the job effectively and will fit well within your company culture?

And bringing people on board during a pandemic likely feels more challenging than usual. Imagine a company that needs to fill permanent positions or to onboard temporary staff, contingent workers or independent contractors right now. It may be hard to imagine while unemployment is going through the roof, but the current crisis has increased demand for certain industries and their workers. Together, Walmart and Kroger aim to hire nearly 200,000 new associates, while Dollar General and CVS plan to hire 50,000 people. Papa John’s says it needs tens of thousands, too. Even the United States Postal Service is hiring

But how can these and other companies that need to hire right now do so safely, quickly and at scale while current circumstances severely limit the ability to make genuine human contact? They’ll likely turn to a workforce trend that had already been developing prior to COVID-19 and that’s now likely to pick up even more speed: Integrated hiring technology with built-in AI. 

In short, with help from hiring technology vendors, forward-thinking talent teams create a next-generation program to manage their contingent workforce. And with millions of new candidates suddenly finding themselves seeking new opportunities, this type of hiring technology, that works remotely and is boosted with machine learning capabilities, may be the only solution to successfully navigate the burgeoning pool of possible prospects in today’s environment. 


Next-Gen Vendor Management Systems (VMS) Offer Streamlined Ways to Manage Temporary Staffing Suppliers


Vendor Management Systems (VMS) aren’t a new concept, but they have been evolving with recent innovations related to their business models and their technology. Crowdstaffing, for instance, includes a built-in hiring marketplace with thousands of staffing suppliers that can fill open jobs remotely -- a safe way to manage the hiring process during today’s crisis. The Crowdstaffing VMS also incorporates high-level Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and algorithms, that automates numerous aspects of the sourcing and hiring process, which speeds up the time-to-hire.

In this way, next-gen VMSs offer hiring technology that quickly pulls the sharpest needles from the fast-growing haystack of candidates. With unemployment numbers rising, a system that incorporates high-level machine learning capabilities can help you navigate ever-widening pools of possibilities. The right solution not only enlists various staffing services and independent recruiters (even beyond your company’s previously-vetted staffing firms and headhunters, if you choose), but it can also parse your own talent pool for matching profiles. It can also identify the best sources of the exact types of applicants who’ve proven successful at your company and elsewhere in similar job roles. This initial winnowing down of candidates through a proven algorithm will allow your internal hiring team to engage in more personal interactions within the highly rarefied stratosphere of the highest-level candidates, saving you time by quickly filling positions with the most ideal people in the job market.


Machine Learning in Today’s Top VMSs Speeds Up Hiring


An innovative and modern VMS uses its algorithms to build a list of candidates who meet your exact requirements from square one. It pinpoints people in various talent pools who possess the essential skills and qualities for your open positions. Such a system can simultaneously incorporate job knowledge testing with measures of cognitive abilities, personality traits, skills assessments, even measures of integrity, emotional intelligence, and other evaluation tools that help identify and define an applicant’s so-called soft skills. This works for both permanent and temporary staffing supplier management needs.

Once your VMS has narrowed the field of applicants, the very best of such systems then provide a flowchart of processes that can automate subsequent elements of your customized hiring workflow. This can include the automation of background checks, applicant tracking, and even interview scheduling--from the first telephone or video-conference screens through panel interviews and on to final one-on-one meetings between hiring managers and their future direct reports.


Onboarding Made Simple -- Using Automated Processes to Track & Manage New Hire Milestones


When a candidate becomes a new employee or contingent worker, many VMS systems bow out, leaving HR departments to handle the onboarding. However, some VMS resources continue to save time for their users so that they can spend their time on both strategic and relationships-related tasks. How? By automating menial hiring-related tasks like completing tax forms, dealing with direct-deposit documentation and benefit-related paperwork, managing workspace and software setup, sending/tracking hiring-related documents, scheduling initial training sessions, setting up email addresses and more.

Crowdstaffing’s fully integrated VMS does all this and more. If you’d like to learn more,we’d be glad to give you a demo of the tool. 



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