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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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How Modern Hiring Platforms Help Source the Best Candidates

What does the process of candidate sourcing look like for you? Are you combing through disparate talent pools, stuck with various staffing tools that don’t speak to each other (or worse, drowning in Excel sheets!), struggling to coordinate multiple suppliers, and sometimes still unable to hire the talent you need when you need it? 

Candidate sourcing doesn’t have to be such a complicated, time-consuming process. There’s a better way out there—one that kills duplication of effort, saves time and money, and lets you focus on hiring the best candidates for your business. And with unemployment so high right now, you’re going to need it. Why?
It may sound counterintuitive, but hiring won’t necessarily get easier with an expanded talent pool, alone. During times when more candidates are available for hire, companies are likely to receive hoards of applications from candidates with varying degrees of qualifications for the job. In this massive hiring haystack, it’ll take much more effort to find the right candidate. But this can all change.

It’s time to move out of hiring antiquity. Welcome to the world of modern hiring platforms.

Modern Staffing Management Platforms: Magnets for Candidate Sourcing


In the digital age, it’s no surprise that tech can revolutionize everything, including hiring. The best modern hiring platforms use the best of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the cloud to automate and streamline the entire recruiting process, including candidate sourcing. 

But it’s not just the technology that puts the “modern” in truly modern hiring platforms. They embody a spirit of “we can do better,” innovating relentlessly to solve problems in hiring that the recruiting industry has simply lived with for far too long. Slow, laborious processes, disjointed communications and talent pools, limited suppliers, and high administrative costs have been accepted as a normal part of the hiring process. But they can be transcended.

At Crowdstaffing, for instance, we’ve combined the best of human innovation with pioneering technology and the power of the crowd to create the vendor management system (VMS) of the future. Our end-to-end hiring platform comes equipped with advanced AI and built-in hiring tools and it plugs you into our hiring marketplace preloaded with thousands of vetted talent suppliers. Take a glimpse at what a modern hiring platform looks like and what it can do for you.


AI candidate sourcing rapidly finds the best talent 


Candidate sourcing sometimes feels like a game of searching for a needle in a gigantic, continent-sized haystack. Done manually, it’s bound to be painful and slow. But with the help of a strong magnet, your laborious task can become incredibly simple. Crowdstaffing’s powerful algorithms do just that. 

Our algorithms automatically match open positions to the most qualified candidates and their recruiters within seconds. But that’s only the beginning. We’ve programmed our AI candidate sourcing engine to dynamically distribute jobs to the most qualified talent suppliers in our ever-growing network, in real-time. It considers a number of parameters, including the supplier’s recent success with relevant positions, their current bandwidth, and their relevant expertise. That means your jobs are intelligently assigned to talent suppliers capable of filling them today, not months ago. 

We’ve also built in the ability to prioritize open positions, making sure your most important jobs get the coverage they deserve. Our sophisticated AI will bring attention from recruiters to your highest priority jobs to fill them quickly, getting you the best results from your hiring resources. Candidate sourcing has never been easier. 


Amplify your reach with the power of the Network Effect 


Whether it’s getting restaurant or movie recommendations online, directions on mobile apps, or funding campaigns on Kickstarter, the “crowd” is everywhere in our world today. But it’s been conspicuously absent from talent acquisition. So we changed that. 

Crowdstaffing’s advanced hiring platform allows you to access thousands of vetted talent suppliers across the globe servicing businesses in North America. When you post a job on our platform, you have access to the collective talent pool of our entire network of talent suppliers, enabling you to hire rapidly and at scale while accessing the best rates. What’s more, our vast network covers even the most niche skills and diverse geographies. No role is too specialized. 

Plus, you no longer have to worry about candidate sourcing through disparate talent pools. Our supplier network already sources candidates through every valuable tech-based tool, including LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, StackOverflow, Github, and many others. We’ve made this easy with our built-in social marketing features, allowing all stakeholders to share listings with a single link. 

And to your existing talent suppliers, we say: Join the party! You can invite your current suppliers to register with our marketplace using a simple shareable link. Then manage them on the same hiring platform while accessing the rest of the crowd. As an added benefit, your existing suppliers will be able to service other businesses on our platform when they’re not helping staff your open positions, which helps increase their revenues. Everybody wins. 


Manage all talent pools in one place to simplify candidate sourcing


We’ve built our hiring platform as a truly end-to-end hiring solution to maximize its value for our clients. That’s why we included the capability to unify and manage your talent pools. 

Along with supplier pools, hiring managers can manage their own talent pool on the same platform while tapping into all Crowdstaffing functionalities. Our AI candidate sourcing engine will consider both your internal talent pool and our supplier network to find the most qualified candidates for your roles. If you hire from your own pool, you can still make use of our Employer of Record services, and we’ll take care of everything from onboarding and payroll to compliance. That means no headaches for you and a consistent experience for candidates.


Human touch and curation by Crowdstaffing’s talent advisors ensures quality submissions 


In the age of technology, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that, while tech is a great tool, it’s not a total substitute for human beings. At Crowdstaffing we know that the human touch is perhaps more important in hiring than anywhere else. 

So we prize the high-touch approach offered by Crowdstaffing’s seasoned talent advisors. When recruiters submit prospective candidates, our talent advisors personally curate and shortlist the best ones. They look for the best matches to your needs, your culture, and your goals. As a result, you spend less time reviewing applications and more time interviewing top candidates. As hiring technology has evolved, we believe that personalized, high-touch curation is truly the missing link in other solutions. But it won’t go missing in ours.

Now that you’ve had a peek at how efficient and easy hiring could be with a modern hiring platform, do you really want to go back to traditional ways? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Request a demo to see how it works and take the first step in transforming your hiring program.

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