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Crowdstaffing featured as Rising Star and Premium Usability HR platform in 2019

Crowdstaffing has earned the prestigious 2019 Rising Star & Premium Usability Awards from FinancesOnline, a popular B2B software review platform. This recognition is given out annually to products[...]

May 13, 2019

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A Full-service Hiring Solution Purpose-built for Growing Businesses.

We are very excited to announce Crowdstaffing 360, our new solution for growing businesses to effectively manage their staffing agencies and easily expand their reach to new talent.

Crowdstaffing 360 is the first service of its kind that combines a vast staffing marketplace, AI to match requisitions precisely to the best-qualified suppliers, easy hiring technology that connects hiring managers directly with suppliers and candidates, and extensive tracking and analytics so growing businesses always have a crystal clear view of their vendor performance.

“Many growing businesses waste inordinate time and resources managing their supplier pipeline, and their limited capacity to deal with a finite number of staffing agencies actually restricts their access to candidates in ever-narrowing talent pools,” said Sunil Bagai, CEO of Crowdstaffing. “Traditional supplier relationship management simply doesn’t meet the affordability and scale that growing businesses need to keep growing.”  

Crowdstaffing 360 includes the following capabilities:

One contract, one invoice, one point of contact

Simplify vendor management with one contract, invoice, and dedicated account manager who handles all supplier relationships.

Real-time view of vendor performance

We handle all supplier relationships and provide a real-time comprehensive view of how they are performing.

Precise matching and distribution

Modern AI automatically matches and distributes job requisitions to your proven vendors and the most qualified suppliers in the Crowdstaffing Hiring Marketplace who have demonstrated expertise in your specific domains and locations.

Personal curation

Talent Advisors personally validate all submissions and provide exceptional high-touch support to cultivate an amazing and consistent candidate experience.

Vastly expand and diversify your reach

The Crowdstaffing Hiring marketplace includes 700+ motivated talent suppliers across North America representing every domain and geography. No role is too specialized.

End the cold call

Prospective suppliers apply via a simple online form. We’ll evaluate and if they meet your requirements, invite them to join as a supplier.

"Crowdstaffing 360 is a great option for our business,” said Todd Gehling, Vendor Manager/Information Technology at South Jersey Industries. “We are able to achieve immediate objectives like process automation and enhanced business intelligence without sacrificing our long-term vision of developing win-win partnerships with our most reliable talent suppliers.  Everyone involved is excited about where we are headed.”

Unlike traditional VMS (vendor management software) or MSP (managed service provider) solutions, Crowdstaffing suppliers never pay for the technology or service, and clients only pay for successful hires.

Do you work for a growing business and want to see how it works?

Schedule a risk-free demo now.


Casey Enstrom
Casey Enstrom
I am passionate about helping business leaders adopt crowd-based hiring solutions to hire the best talent. Through a comprehensive workforce and staffing programs assessment, I help identify areas of opportunity where having a hiring marketplace with a curated network of staffing agencies & independent recruiters​ could dramatically impact results.
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