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Ensure a Positive Candidate Experience When Hiring Contingent Talent Remotely

As digitization, coupled with the global pandemic, propels contingent hiring online and with more individuals relying on employer reviewer sites to evaluate businesses, delivering a positive[...]

March 10, 2021

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A Better Way to Engage Staffing Agencies for Your Contingent Workforce Program


Due to evolving workforce trends, digital transformation, and recent coronavirus-related upheavals, businesses are turning to contingent labor more than ever before. A recent study confirms that nearly 80% of enterprises worldwide are increasing their use of contingent workforce to address their talent needs.

Businesses are flocking to staffing suppliers not only to hire talent but also to improve workforce flexibility, agility, and risk mitigation. As the demand for various types of labor continues to increase, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re working with the right staffing suppliers and other related vendors. 

But this often turns into a tedious process, starting with an extensive RFP process and continuing with contract negotiations. And it doesn’t end there. After vetting and onboarding your suppliers, next comes the added responsibility of evaluating their performance. When your in-house talent team gets tasked with the grunt work related to contingent workforce program management, you not only risk their low morale but also important insights falling through the cracks because they lack time to evaluate vendor performance.Though some businesses are equipped with an MSP/VMS program, they may not realize that many of these solutions actually place restrictions on the number of suppliers they work with, which can translate into limitations down the road. 

It doesn’t have to be that way…  

Is There A Better Way to Choose Staffing Agencies?

The answer is Yes.  

Implement a solution that not only takes the onus off of you when it comes to selecting and managing staffing suppliers, but also removes limits on the number of staffing agencies you can work with, giving you an improved ability to scale as needed. When you have a holistic solution in place, you free up your time to focus on strategic business decisions rather than digging your way through the trenches of staffing agency selection and ongoing management of your contingent hiring program.

Crowdstaffing’s innovative solution includes a built-in hiring marketplace with thousands of proven staffing suppliers — suppliers you can use but don’t have to manage. Our free-to-use platform intelligently routes each of your jobs to the right suppliers based on their relevant track record and current capacity. It also tracks their performance metrics while giving you a bird’s eye view of your hiring workflows.

Rather than choosing a limited roster of staffing agencies, use an open marketplace.

Crowdstaffing believes in a “more is more” vs the traditional “less is more” approach taken by traditional staffing models. 

And this works because our technology makes managing such a solution possible, working hand-in-hand with the humans who use it.  

When you use Crowdstaffing, you have greater access to both suppliers and candidates through our open and scalable marketplace. Thus, you can benefit from a broader spectrum of sourcing channels while still containing your overhead costs. Furthermore, you can invite and manage your existing suppliers, while still enjoying access to an ever-expanding network of vetted staffing vendors. Crowdstaffing’s solution enables businesses to cover more geographies, improve speed-of-hiring while reducing costs, find candidates with niche skills, and more, all while also eliminating the hassle of vetting and managing your suppliers. And, by the way, our platform automates many of the manual processes around supplier onboarding. Our online portal solicits suppliers to register and be added into programs. In fact, the onboarding process is so simple and automated, suppliers can start recruiting for jobs the same day.

Use a platform that tracks your suppliers’ performance in real-time.

Are your staffing vendors following through on the claims they made while winning your business?  Too often, shiny reputations don’t necessarily mean guaranteed performance, and if you wait until a quarterly performance scorecard, then you’re finding out too late. It won’t buy back your lost time and resources. Switch to real-time performance analytics to mitigate these risks.  

With the Crowdstaffing solution you don’t have to engage in the risks associated with trying out new staffing vendors. The suppliers in our marketplace go through a thorough vetting process before being onboarded into our ecosystem. Our solution measures each supplier's performance in real time based on metrics like their number of successful hires, the number of interview requests received for each job requisition, the quality of their sourced candidates, etc. Using this data, our intelligent algorithms match the most relevant and qualified suppliers to your open jobs.

Eliminate administrative and legal risks related to working with several new suppliers. 

When companies onboard new suppliers in the traditional way, it requires a careful review of essential factors like various types of business insurance, workers compensation coverage, state and local registration for various geographies, and more. This, in addition to the laborious legal and contractual review process, means that the onboarding of new suppliers becomes quite the time suck for your team.

By using the Crowdstaffing solution, you eliminate nearly all of these manual burdens. How? We take care of onboarding suppliers, and our platform becomes the single managing source for all staffing vendors in our marketplace. With Crowdstaffing, you only need one contract, one invoice, and one relationship, despite having access to thousands of staffing suppliers and their talent pools. This simplicity frees up your resources to focus on strategy to drive program success. 

Choosing staffing agencies can be a tricky decision, and there will always be risks associated with these partnerships. You cannot guarantee that your top suppliers will always fulfil your talent needs. What if their top recruiters — the ones who fulfill your niche job requisitions — get headhunted by a competing firm shortly after you sign?

Crowdstaffing takes a proactive approach when it comes to distributing your job to suppliers. Our AI automatically matches your job requisitions to the most qualified suppliers at that time in our globally connected crowd assuring you access to the best candidates at all times.

Still confused about how to select the best staffing suppliers for your contingent workforce program? We’re happy to help!  

Just click on the link below to request a free assessment about how to scale your company’s contingent hiring.



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