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A Tech Company Reinventing Hiring and Vendor Management


Combining the best minds in staffing with the latest trends in technology, design, and strategy, Crowdstaffing has modernized the vendor management system (VMS). Through our proprietary hiring platform, complete with robust AI capabilities and a cloud-based hiring marketplace, we’re helping businesses connect with the right recruiters at the right time to staff every role they need with great talent.
What Drives Us
We fuel prosperity by delivering outstanding hiring outcomes. And we do so through our innovative and inclusive hiring solutions, including our modernized Vendor Management System. It not only automates our customers’ contingent hiring needs, organizing both internal hiring managers and external staffing partners, but also offers a built-in, AI-boosted hiring network of staffing suppliers and talent. In this way we combine the best of human ingenuity, AI, and the power of the crowd.
Pioneering Hiring Innovation
Since our transformation in 2012 from a traditional Silicon Valley staffing company into an innovation-centric software company, we’ve simplified the hiring process for every great hire, from specialized direct placements to larger contingent hiring ramps. How? By reducing the time and friction that comes with hiring. Our vendor management technology coordinates a vast network of staffing partners and talent, making faster connections and streamlining hiring. It’s a winning combination.
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Meet The Team
Crowdstaffing is led by a team of industry veterans and experienced innovators. These proven pioneers across tech, staffing, human resources, and operations are solving the most complex hiring challenges to make it easier to connect great people with great jobs.
Sunil Bagai
Founder & CEO

Sunil is a Silicon Valley thought leader, speaker, motivator, and the visionary behind the groundbreaking Crowdstaffing ecosystem. Blending vision, technology, and business skills, he is transforming the talent acquisition landscape and the very nature of work. Prior to launching Crowdstaffing, Sunil honed his skills and experience as a business leader for companies such as IBM, EMC, and Symantec.

"We need to think exponentially to mindfully architect the future of humanity, civilization, and work. When we collaborate and work together, everyone prospers."

Ravdeep Sawhney
Chief Product Officer

At the heart of the technology, driving our product vision from inception is Rav. Prior to Crowdstaffing, Rav had held many leadership roles in technology organizations and co-founded SweetIQ (acquired).

"We basically broke down the walls and rebuilt the entire staffing model from the ground up with a modern, collaborative hiring platform that leverages the best of technology to connect people and jobs."

Casey Enstrom
VP, Enterprise Solutions

Casey is one of the staffing industry’s household names, specializing in sales and operations leadership. He brings extensive knowledge of business development and sales strategies, predictive analytics, leadership, and human capital solutions. Prior to joining Crowdstaffing, Casey served as the Vice President of Technical Sales, North America, for a Fortune 1000 staffing firm.

"Our industry is not only ripe, but desperate for innovation. I love flipping the traditional practice upside down and bringing significant new value to candidates, talent suppliers and businesses."

Scott Giroux
VP, Operations

A long-time innovator with extensive leadership experience, Scott served on the executive team of a leading North American staffing firm prior to joining our team. At Crowdstaffing, Scott leads the company’s global operations and account management team and also drives growth of the talent supplier side of Crowdstaffing’s hiring marketplace.

"There is so much untapped potential in our industry I’m thrilled to be part of a movement that is pioneering a connected marketplace for everyone in the hiring ecosystem."

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