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Our Story

Imagine a talent solution that combines the benefits of machine, network, and human intelligence to drive unparalleled hiring outcomes. That's exactly what occupied our thoughts in 2012, after the Great Recession revealed that businesses could no longer stand on tradition -- or stand idly by. Since then, Crowdstaffing has made this dream a reality by redefining the future of talent acquisition. Crowdstaffing unleashes the “power of the crowd” through an innovative platform that connects talent, talent suppliers, and hiring organizations across a multi-sided marketplace.

Innovation fuels a brighter future. And the brightest people are the energy sources that power it. Crowdstaffing propels organizations forward effortlessly with a modern approach and high-caliber talent.

Join us on our journey. Let’s prosper together.

Meet Crowdstaffing

A new philosophy, an innovative approach to staffing, and a revolutionary online
recruitment marketplace that delivers top talent effortlessly.

Our Approach

Our Approach

The best recruiters in the world are independent. They’re entrepreneurs who yearn to overcome the limitations of agency models. They’re spread out across the world, in bustling and obscure places alike, looking for a way to break out from the norm.

With Crowdstaffing, we’ve discovered the way to reach these driven individuals and engage them as financial partners to recruit local talent for clients. Our Recruiting Partners are not employees – they are high-performing staffing experts who form a global recruitment network.

“This global network of certified, expert recruiters sourcing local talent for clients is what we call our crowd.”

By harnessing the collective intelligence of the crowd and the machine intelligence of our talent acquisition platform (TAP), we match candidates to requirements for enterprises of any type or scale. Crowdstaffing delivers amazing talent quickly, while always providing a curated experience to every client.

 Our Values

Our Values

We believe in doing things the right way for all our partners, recruiters, clients and talent -- even if that means taking a few extra steps. Honesty, transparency and integrity form the very core of our company.

We care about each client, recruiter and candidate as individuals. We have a humble and compassionate approach toward all stakeholders.

We give each partnership the care and attention it deserves. A world-class client and candidate experience is at the heart of the Crowdstaffing movement.

It is not unusual for us to go beyond usual terms and conditions to help our stakeholders in unconventional ways. We are often tasked with special or innovative projects by many of our clients.
Diversity Delivered

Diversity Delivered

We believe that the modern workforce thrives when the ideas and opinions are as diverse as the people behind them.

As a minority-owned enterprise, we understand the value of diversity and cherish the opportunity to find talent with fresh perspectives and unique insights.

We work with several organizations and programs to do our part in building a diverse workforce.

Here are just a few of them:

Diversity Delivered
Diversity Delivered
Diversity Delivered
Diversity Delivered


Meet the team

  • Sunil Bagai
    Sunil Bagai Founder & CEO
  • Naina Bagai
    Naina Bagai Vice President
  • Casey Enstrom
    Casey Enstrom Vice President, Enterprise Solutions
  • Ravdeep Sawhney
    Ravdeep Sawhney Vice President, Technology
  • Jennifer Willson
    Jennifer Willson HR Manager
  • Yalda Barnes
    Yalda Barnes Employee Relations Specialist
  • Suzy McKee
    Suzy McKee Vice President, Marketing
  • Scott Giroux
    Scott Giroux Vice President, Operations

The World’s Largest Brands Use Crowdstaffing to Hire Amazing Talent

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