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Transferable Skills: The Tools of the Talented

Transferable skills can be a candidate's biggest selling point. And while these skills may not belong to a particular job or industry, they’re handy, and thus are easy to transfer to future employment. Otherwise known as soft skills, they usually fall into one of four categories: interpersonal, communication, leadership, and organization.

As a recruiter, you need to get candidates talking about their soft skills and their hard skills. Why? Keep reading to find out.

How Marketing Buyer Personas Can Help Recruiters Build Amazing Talent Pools

In today’s workforce, the evolving role of recruiters is becoming even more pivotal. Candidates aren’t attracted, sourced, and recruited the same way they were a decade ago. The transactional tactics of matching skills, work experience, and compensation to job descriptions no longer bear the same fruits.

As the industry moves toward predictive analytics, digital ecosystems, and on-demand talent pools, the best recruiters are confronted with the challenges of casting wide yet targeted nets.[...]

How I Discovered 3 Common Traits of Successful Recruiters

I am no recruitment expert, and I want you to know this before you go ahead and invest your time in reading this. Here’s why I, a marketer, am writing this.