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Why Virtual Reality Represents the Very Real Future of Business and HR

Too often, in my opinion, talk of virtual reality (VR) seems relegated to the realms of science fiction, video games, film and television. Virtual reality is no novelty. The real-world benefits and applications are already surpassing entertainment. VR resides in the domain of exponential technologies -- digital advances that are transforming the world through intelligent sensors, machine learning, robotics, synthetic biology and 3D printing. Consider the latter. Three-dimensional printers[...]

Don't Miss Superstar Candidates by Looking for Direct Work Experience

People love a good underdog story -- one about overcoming adversity, rising up from humble beginnings to achieve great things, and conquering stereotypes or misperceptions. It’s the stuff we’re raised on in the land of opportunity. The fables and fairy tales we first experience assure us that we can succeed regardless of our stations in life. These Cinderella stories inspire and motivate us. They’ve even infused themselves, subtly, into the fabric of staffing. Recruiters are now encouraged[...]

Real Workplace Diversity Requires New Mindsets, Not New Metrics

Fans of the long-running British sci-fi staple “Doctor Who” have witnessed their beloved protagonist undergo a lot of changes. Or have they? The series has often been lauded for its sincere portrayal of diverse characters as strong, capable human beings -- not stereotypes. The Doctor’s companions have spanned all categories of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and culture. Yet since 1963, the Doctor has always emerged from his regeneration cycles as a white male. Until now. As the[...]

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