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Communication Is Vital to Motivating Workers in Tough Times

In many ways, our individual worlds are shaped by the events that befall us. Some are glorious and uplifting, others tragic and traumatic. Every life-changing event we face shapes our perceptions. Big events, for good or ill, help to define us. This is particularly true during tough times. Yet it’s how we respond to a crisis, and how we receive support through it, that ultimately influences our determination of society, along with the role we decide to play as members of it. The past 15[...]

Right-to-Disconnect Policies Could Help Talent Reconnect with Their Work

Billions around the world ushered in 2017 last weekend. And with New Year’s Eve celebrations, a slew of well-meaning resolutions follow. People vow to reach their fitness goals, finish lingering projects, learn new things, see the world and spend more time with friends and loved ones. The momentum toward fostering greater levels of work-life balance continues to grow. Flexible, family oriented HR initiatives and remote working arrangements are cropping up in response to the need. However,[...]

Mindfulness: A Powerful Way to Energize Your Contingent Workforce

Over the past few weeks, we began curating a series of weekly videos called “Mindful Mondays,” which demonstrate the power that mindfulness programs play in helping busy professionals better manage their stress while optimizing their focus. Although the tips are entertaining, they’re presented by leading therapists and experts in the field who recognize that business demands and competitive pressures have grown more complex. The “overwhelmed employee” represents the hallmark of today’s[...]

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