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Metrics That Matter Most to MSPs

VMSA Live 2016 was an exciting and educational whirlwind of information. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy participating in the event, we took away a lot of valuable insights. For me, with my focus on the importance of relationships between MSPs and their staffing partners, Jim Coughlin’s discussion about the metrics that matter most to MSPs struck a chord. Jim is the creative director for VMS Accelerators. We in the industry know how critical measuring performance is to the success of a[...]

Conversational Commerce: The Next Evolution in Social Recruiting

VMSA Live 2016 has wrapped up, and I’m pleased to report that it was an amazing success. Not only was I honored to speak at this thought-provoking gathering, I was thrilled to collaborate and share ideas with everyone who attended. Together, we truly came together to shape the direction and future of our industry. Heading back to the airport, my mind was still energized by the unique perspectives, imaginative solutions and bold visions that fueled the conference. And despite the multitude of[...]


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