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This July 4, Let’s Celebrate the Opportunities Awaiting Independent Recruiters

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress officially declared that the 13 American colonies considered themselves an independent nation, no longer restrained by the yoke of the British crown, and set about to create what is now the United States. Liberation didn’t come lightly; shackles, once forged and applied, are not easily broken. Yet through the dedication of its people, the country prevailed. And we honor this enduring spirit of freedom every year on the Fourth of July. The interesting[...]

Hire for Values to Maximize the Value of Your Employment Culture

As we’ve been discussing in recent articles, the catalysts that spawned the sharing economy and a more fluid, on-demand approach to work have altered the very landscape of business and the talent forces that power it. Contingent workforce leaders are transforming from transactional to tactical advisers. Freelancing has become the new normal in non-traditional employment, and it’s happened by choice rather than necessity. The increasing presence of robots and automation, more than destroying[...]

Staffing Suppliers Can Optimize All Hiring Needs for Procurement

I’m eagerly counting the days until ProcureCon’s Contingent Staffing 2016 Total Talent Management event. All of the speakers and attendees are uniting to solve many of the hiring challenges confronting businesses of all kinds. Procurement and HR leaders have it rough these days. Unfilled job openings continue to impact organizations, complicated by a scarcity of needed skills. Candidates command more power in choosing their next employers, and they’ve become more selective. The insecurity[...]

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