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Without Real Diversity, the Future of Machine Learning Is Bleak

On August 26, Americans honored the 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. It was an important step toward equality, yet the democratic process and the business world don’t always mesh in their ideologies. Equality for women, LGBTQ people, minorities, and every other underrepresented group remains an elusive goal. The prevailing U.S. political administration has further compounded these efforts with vociferous condemnations of inclusion, followed by[...]

How Digital Ecosystems Unify the Powers of Traditional and Contingent Talent

Regardless of industry or company size, businesses have come to rely more heavily on contingent talent as specialists and flexible experts rather than temps who fill vacant seats during absences, spikes in seasonal demand or transitionary periods. With increasing frequency, we’re integrating these skilled contractors into our primary workforces. Yet, we still haven’t integrated them into our internal knowledge systems. And that’s a missed opportunity to tap into their intelligence and ideas,[...]

How AI Design Thinking Can Inspire a New Recruitment Mindset

It’s virtually impossible to have a conversation about the future of business without centering on the topic of hyper-intelligent technology. It’s a subject that generates mixed emotions -- a struggle in which the excitement of discovery is tempered by a fear that machines will replace human talent. There are many reasons why people worry about a coming singularity. Here’s a thought that I haven’t heard discussed, though. Perhaps people fret because they’re noticing that digital processes[...]

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