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Teamwork 101: How Hiring Managers and Recruiters Can Get Along

Do you remember getting assigned to group projects in high school? If you were lucky, you’d get to work with a few of your favorite classmates and everything would go smoothly. Once in a while, though, you’d end up getting stuck on a team where either one person didn’t pull their weight, or the group as a whole just didn’t seem to mesh. By the end of it, everyone would be so exasperated that nobody cared about turning in subpar work and barely scraping by with a C-. Unfortunately, this[...]

Conquering Talent Acquisition Obsolescence in the Age of Disruption

The exponential progress of the digital age has ushered in an era of incredible disruption. The status quo no longer ensures security or longevity. Obsolescence is a persistent threat to every business right now. The evidence is becoming apparent everywhere. Today’s corporate lexicon flows with words like innovation, speed, agility, expansion, reinvention and change. We even borrow acronyms from social media, like FOMO -- the fear of missing out. As our CEO Sunil Bagai wrote recently,[...]

Explore the New Frontier of Talent Acquisition in This HRO Today Webinar

A few days ago, I was invited to contribute my insights on the new frontier of talent acquisition to HRO Today’s Services and Technology Association. Participating in the webinar was an honor and an excellent opportunity to contribute to the discussion. Not only does HRO Today offer the deepest reach into the Human Resources space, its analysts and thought leaders share a similar perspective and understanding: the nature of hiring -- and of talent -- has changed dramatically. We need fresh[...]

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