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Why Building an Alumni Talent Network Strengthens Your Employment Brand

I’m a huge fan of Oregon Ducks football. I’ll just put that out there for anyone who doesn’t know me yet. So I was doubly interested to hear Hall of Fame safety Chad Cota join the “Recruiting with Andrew Nemec” radio show to discuss, well, recruiting. As Cota described, coach Willie Taggart faces hiring challenges that aren’t much different than those we confront every day. “There are two generations that any coaching staff really has to ingratiate themselves to when they get started,” Nemec[...]

The Modern Business Case for Outsourcing Your Talent Acquisition

Corporate recruiters and HR leaders have it rough these days. Unfilled job openings continue to impact employers, complicated by a perceived scarcity of needed skills. Internal recruiters often struggle singly to support multiple managers and departments, with limited resources, sourcing tools, talent pools and networks. For employers, times may seem bleak and miserable, as troubling industry statistics show. Exponential changes in business demand exponential thinking -- models build to[...]

How the Human Cloud Can End Talent Acquisition Droughts for Employers

As Staffing Industry Analysts reported, last year “companies processed between $47 billion and $51 billion U.S. dollars (USD) in spend associated with the human cloud on a global basis.” Today’s business environment is defined by the fluidity of globalization. In a short span of time, technology has eroded many of the barriers -- physical and social -- that have separated people throughout the ages. We’ve entered a new era of work where our tools, processes and people function in “the[...]

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