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Hire for Values if You Want a Business Powerhouse, Not a Frat House

A lot’s changing in the world of work. Pressures to innovate and operate with agility are paramount. Team dynamics determine the outcomes. So the question is: are you building a powerhouse or a frat house? The elastic nature of business has forced us to focus more on strategic hiring and cultural fit. The secret, however, lies in identifying compatible values more than integration to an established mindset. If optimal talent acquisition is your goal, hire for values, not just culture.

Is Zuckerberg Trying to Fix Facebook or Outdated Business Models?

Is Facebook About to Pivot?

Despite the comfort we find in the familiar, we understand that change is a healthy thing. It’s the impetus that drives evolution and spurs innovation. It’s the impulse that compels so many of us to make New Year’s resolutions. It’s also why Mark Zuckerberg announced that his annual challenge – which until now has always been of a personal nature – is to “fix Facebook” this year. And after all the flak Facebook caught in 2017, the timing couldn’t be better.

Bursting the Filter Bubble in Hiring: Curating Talent, Not Biases

Full disclosure: I hate Smash Mouth. And I share this opinion freely online. But here’s where the irony of life seeps into the digital world. Google’s algorithms, astonishing as they are in countless respects, ostensibly deem me one of the band’s biggest fans -- merely as a result of posting critiques about them or searching for unflattering parodies of “All Star.” It’s a problem with content curation and the individualization of information. Searching for something shouldn’t presume[...]

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