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Creating a Purpose-Driven Business Culture for Contingent Workforce Programs

Although leadership and vision may form the heart of an organization, people are its soul. That’s why creating the right company culture has become imperative for businesses in today’s rabidly competitive market. Yet what kind of culture works best? Performance-based? Engagement-based? For contingent workforce program managers, the answer gets murkier. Contractors and staffing providers play an instrumental role in enterprises across all industries and service categories. Naturally,[...]

Long Term Supplier Relationships for Long Lasting Procurement Success

I’m about to head home from an incredibly productive and inspiring week at Contingent Staffing 2016. The conference is vital to the workforce industry because procurement professionals are becoming more influential leaders in organizations of all kinds. Their roles are evolving beyond purchasing. These experts are taking on responsibilities that encompass business intelligence, talent analytics, growth strategies, risk and compliance, and much more. Leading procurement organizations are[...]

Can FinTech Solve the Extended Supplier Payment Term Puzzle?

A new type of financial services provider is emerging, and experts believe it has the power to transform global supply chains. Multinational giants such as Apple, Dell, Kellogg’s and Siemens have already engaged these financial technology companies – FinTech, for short -- to help finance growth initiatives, penetrate untapped markets, innovate new products or services, and access capital previously unavailable in their supply chains. The fascinating aspect of this development is the[...]


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