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Highly Engaging Workforce Leaders Have These Three Essential Qualities

Posted by Casey Enstrom on Sep 5, 2017 11:00:00 AM

No matter what section of the news you turn to these days, it’s obvious that we’re in throes of a leadership crisis -- or five. President Trump’s administration continues to court controversy and divide the nation. After a contentious election in France, Emmanuel Macron’s landslide victory has now devolved into the lowest approval rating in the country’s history. And the ouster of Uber’s top executives have exposed similar struggles in business. Leadership is a daunting task, and everyone’s watching. But right now, it’s more important than ever, especially as workers and executives confront the uncertainty of a future enhanced by machines. One thing’s certain -- whatever takes place, we can’t let people fall through the cracks. Let’s look at the top qualities exhibited by highly engaging leaders to help remind us of our role as a guiding force in talent acquisition and management.

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Tags: staffing industry, talent acquisition, business leadership, Contingent Workforce Management

How the Staffing Industry Can Guard Against Cyberattacks

Posted by Len April on May 16, 2017 11:00:00 AM

For all the wonders and conveniences that come with this digital world, we must not allow ourselves to ignore the persistent threat of hackers. Technology accords us a great deal of new comforts – and with them, new perils. The global cyberattacks that erupted on Friday offered another profound object lesson. A massive infection of malware plagued at least 75,000 computers across nearly 100 countries. The perpetrators targeted dozens of hospitals in England, multinational businesses such as FedEx and Spain’s largest telecommunications provider. Companies in the United States were urged to place themselves on high alert and take precautions against intrusions. As contingent workforce leaders, we’re placing more of our business information and employee data into computers each year. That means we face greater losses if our systems are compromised. I think it’s a good time to discuss steps we can take to guard against cyberattacks.

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Tags: staffing industry, Technology, data privacy, hacking

The Four Subject Matter Experts Your Contingent Workforce Team Needs

Posted by Len April on Jan 31, 2017 11:00:00 AM

In a recent article for Inc. Magazine, Marissa Levin discussed the four areas of subject matter expertise that leaders must have on their boards. She astutely observed that 2017 gives every indication of producing a volatile and fluctuating environment that will impact businesses of all types, across all industries. Levin is the CEO of Successful Culture, a consultancy focused on organizational strategies, leadership development and enhancing corporate culture. Political, technological and regulatory “upheavals,” she noted, will require specialized insights in the boardroom. However, these transformations affect the contingent workforce space just as dramatically. Borrowing from her recommendations, let’s explore how contingent workforce program leaders can rise above the chaos and drive positive momentum by ensuring they have the same levels of expertise on their teams.

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Tags: Regulation, staffing industry, business leadership, contingent workforce program

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