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Strong Contingent Workforce Program Leadership Through Powerful Communications

Posted by Len April on Aug 30, 2016 11:00:42 AM

Despite the technological achievements that are helping us overcome hiring challenges, the impact of personalization, interaction and engagement can’t be underestimated. Relationships, LinkedIn emphasized at the beginning of 2016, form the cornerstones of business success as the world becomes more digital. “This year’s report,” LinkedIn asserted, “shows a common denominator between the rising trends: relationships.” For that reason, the leadership skills of MSP program managers will become more essential in the growing contingent workforce. The bonds they forge, combined with motivation they inspire, will set the course for the year ahead. Let’s look at some solid techniques we can use to refine these communication skills.

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Tags: msp program management, Relationship Management, speaking skills, Communication, Contingent Workforce Management

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