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Contingent Workforce Leaders Can Change the World

Posted by Len April on Jan 24, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Unlike past inaugurations in the United States, which were marked by celebrations and messages of unity, last Friday’s was memorable because of global protests and a speech that focused more on removing liberties and curbing diversity than enhancing them. This weekend, too, millions of women mobilized to demonstrate their concerns about losing equal rights. Regardless of politics and charged rhetoric, the underlying theme is one of uncertainty -- the nation feels aimless, lost and ambivalent about the future. It highlights a people’s struggle to find purpose under vague leadership. We see the same issues in the workforce, as talent wonder about their livelihoods with the rise of robots, AI, non-traditional employment cultures and financial insecurity. Yet, our worlds are what we make them. We can still reign as champions of hope. And as contingent workforce leaders, we can give our talent meaning, inspiration and purpose. This is our calling. This is our mandate. This is where we create success.

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Tags: Purpose, retaining workers, contingent workforce leadership, employee performance

How MSPs Connect Their Clients with Top Women Professionals

Posted by Len April on Mar 22, 2016 11:00:53 AM

Skilled millennial women are switching jobs faster than men. By understanding the reasons and leaving assumptions behind, staffing suppliers and MSPs can connect clients with top women professionals.

On March 9, in celebration of International Women’s Day, we wrote about the power and importance of gender parity in the workforce. Stunning as it seems today, given the immense contributions of women professionals, gender equality remains an elusive goal around the world. Our ongoing challenges with creating a truly inclusive talent population really came to light two years ago when major tech companies published their lackluster diversity numbers. And things have definitely improved on that front. Yet with increasing frequency, women in their 30s are switching employers. Why? The answer, according to a new study by ICEDR (the International Consortium for Executive Development Research), may surprise a lot of business leaders. By understanding the causes and taking action, MSPs and their staffing partners can do even more to recruit and retain top women professionals.

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Tags: Millennials, MSP, MSP/VMS, recruiting women professionals, retaining workers, Diversity, gender equality

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