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How Marketing Buyer Personas Can Help Recruiters Build Amazing Talent Pools

In today’s workforce, the evolving role of recruiters is becoming even more pivotal. Candidates aren’t attracted, sourced and recruited the same way they were a decade ago. The transactional tactics of matching skills, work experience and compensation to job descriptions no longer bear the same fruits. As the industry moves toward predictive analytics, digital ecosystems and on-demand talent pools, the best recruiters are confronted with the challenges of casting wide yet targeted nets. And[...]

Data-Driven Hiring: Digital Intelligence with a Human Touch

Although technology may rule the modern economy, the wheels of commerce turn when savvy professionals design, deploy, administer and maintain the machine. Our growing reliance on automation and the push to conquer digital frontiers has instilled in professionals of all roles an equally increasing desire for humanization -- social interactions, personal engagement, cultural fit, the employee experience and, of course, meaningful relationships. This need transcends frontline workers. It’s also[...]

How Think with Google Could Dramatically Enhance Recruitment Marketing

The world needs no introduction to Google. Across the globe, its brand signifies the most ubiquitous search engine the Internet has ever known. Google also offers businesses and individuals a wide array of useful products, such as Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Maps, YouTube and more. However, the company’s platform is more robust than some may imagine. There are services devoted to education, scholarly research, group collaboration, fine arts, virtual reality and a sort of “Slack Lite” social[...]

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