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Why Cybersecurity Professionals Are a Black Friday Deal for Recruiters

Just seven days from now, people across America will be carving turkey, gathering with family, and perhaps watching the big game. Then, just hours after digesting the Thanksgiving feast, another brutal contact sport commences: Black Friday. As we wrote two years ago, the day doesn’t just represent a bonanza of bargains for savvy holiday shoppers -- it’s also one of the season’s biggest windfalls for hackers. And as the events of 2017 have demonstrated, hacking has evolved into one one of the[...]

Helping Veterans Find a New Mission in the Civilian Workforce

Halloween has come and gone, which means Christmas music is already trickling into radio station playlists, grocers are busy setting out ingredients for the upcoming Thanksgiving feast and every retailer is bracing for the Black Friday bloodsport that has become competitive discount shopping. With all that bustle and furor, it’s easy to forget that November also marks the commemoration of Veterans Day. More than the fanfares of marching bands and outpouring of gratitude, military veterans[...]

Let the Season of Storytelling Inspire Your Recruitment Marketing

Our societies, regardless of culture or location, have flourished as a result of stories. History itself is a system of tales -- chronicles of events, parables, myths and beliefs told to localized groups of people who then venture to spread them through an evolving process of oral, written and digital media. Stories capture our imaginations. And for that reason, compelling stories have great power in driving recruitment marketing efforts. Let's see how contingent workforce leaders can fuel[...]

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