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Long Term Supplier Relationships for Long Lasting Procurement Success

I’m about to head home from an incredibly productive and inspiring week at Contingent Staffing 2016. The conference is vital to the workforce industry because procurement professionals are becoming more influential leaders in organizations of all kinds. Their roles are evolving beyond purchasing. These experts are taking on responsibilities that encompass business intelligence, talent analytics, growth strategies, risk and compliance, and much more. Leading procurement organizations are[...]

MSPs Can Help Procurement Slay the SOW Dragon

If you’ll be attending ProcureCon’s Contingent Staffing 2016 Total Talent Management event, you may hear a lot about scope creep, tail spend and SOW. In many ways, they’re interrelated issues. Scope creep occurs when a project is not properly defined, documented or controlled. This leads to unexpected changes, delays and soaring costs as the project balloons into a continually expanding beast. Tail spend refers to spend in the organization that’s not actively being managed across the usual[...]

Staffing Experts Help Procurement Unlock the Power of the Gig Economy

This July 4, the United States celebrated 240 years of independence from the British Empire. Interestingly, Britain sought to secure its own independence from the European Union just days before, in the now infamous Brexit vote. Freedom from the shackles of big governance isn’t just the rallying cry we hear in today’s political theater, it’s become a mantra chanted by millions of skilled workers. These are the professionals inspiring and fueling the steady growth of the gig economy. For[...]


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