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Obama and Trump: A Workforce Legacy and Workforce Future

On Tuesday night, one of the most controversial and emotionally charged elections came to a close. Republican nominee Donald J. Trump emerged victorious as the nation’s new president elect. The policies of the past eight years will likely change, some dramatically, if Mr. Trump can carry through on the promises he extended to his base. And even though a president’s primary role is to command the country’s military, his influence over Congress, and ability to implement certain executive[...]

How Clinton, Trump and MSPs Could Shape the Future of Gig Talent

The Republican National Convention just came to a close, and the predominant theme of the event (though it was often derailed by other issues) was “Making America Work Again” -- work in the sense of jobs, not necessarily governance. The economy’s recovery from the crippling recession of eight years ago has been anemic. Presidential candidates in both parties are putting the challenges of employment at the forefront of their presentations. The future of gig talent is a pronounced topic of[...]


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