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Like Carrie Fisher, Contingent Workforce Leaders Can Be Diversity Heroes

Posted by Len April on Jan 3, 2017 11:00:00 AM

Iconic actress Carrie Fisher passed away this December 27. The news shook many in Hollywood and devastated countless fans. However, it’s essential to understand why this loss has rattled the world. Fisher was not merely mourned because of her popularity as Princess Leia in the fabled Star Wars film franchise. She was in life, as in her films, an unrelenting and stalwart champion of diversity – a beacon of strength for women and the disabled. Her legacy reaches beyond a galaxy far, far away. She has left a powerful mark in this one, as well. Fisher used her celebrity as a pulpit from which to preach the importance of neurodiversity and gender equality. Fisher acted on her words and helped scores of people rise above discrimination. As we enter a new political climate, one where troubling threats to diversity have been promoted as potential policies, it is imperative that the staffing industry work harder than ever to ensure that businesses thrive in 2017 through the strength of diverse workforces.

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Tags: neurodiversity, contingent workforce program, Diversity, gender parity

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