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Wearables at Work: Powerful Performance Tools for Modern MSPs

Americans love gadgets, especially the digital kind. They connect us to a wider world, expedite communications, fill in the lulls of boring commutes on planes or buses, help us navigate unfamiliar areas, and even keep us fit. It’s no wonder that the leap toward wearable technologies has been so profound. In 2015, nearly 40 million U.S. adults owned some type of wearable tech, an increase of over 57 percent from the previous year. By 2018, analysts predict that usage to climb to 82 percent.[...]

MSP Program Managers Drive Success Through Collaboration

Around 1983, we witnessed the stirrings of what would become micro-managing “helicopter parents,” who in turn sired a generation of young, hovering warders instead of mentors. The problem, according to child development experts, is that these failure-intolerant practices have created a generation where more people hesitate to take risks, express unconventional ideas or test new approaches to solving problems for fear of rebuke. MSP program managers, who are often tasked to accomplish more[...]

MSP Lite: Big Support for Smaller Businesses

On July 26, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS), one of the world’s leading managed services providers (MSP), announced the launch of its SIGMA MSP offering. The new solution has a bold and important mission “to support companies that traditionally rely on preferred supplier relationships for candidate fulfillment.” The program caters to small and mid-market companies that spend between $5 million and $50 million on contingent talent. Why is this crucial? Smaller businesses play a vital role in[...]

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