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How MSPs Can Solve Freelancer Management Challenges

As we discussed in April, close on the heels of VMSA Live 2017, MSPs are entering a new phase of transformation – one that mirrors and complements the evolution of the modern workforce. The original power of contingent workforce management grew from a highly transactional approach that focused on centralization, consolidation and process optimization. Today, the transactional nature of MSPs is giving way to strategic and consultative dynamics. It’s not just the mechanisms of business that[...]

Strong MSP and Supplier Partnerships Conquer SOW Chaos

Last week, I wrote about the exciting opportunities available through a well-managed and organized Statement of Work (SOW) program. Despite being somewhat underdeveloped and misunderstood, as industry experts observe, SOW contracting is definitely one of the fastest growing segments of the contingent workforce. In a period of less than four years, SOW growth has surged. According to some estimates, nearly three-quarters of contingent talent are working under an SOW engagement in the United[...]

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