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How Generational Diversity Fuels Contingent Workforce Success

A recent economic research report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco offers an important reminder that diversity extends far beyond race, religion, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. The multigenerational workforce today is vast and unprecedented. And what some diversity discussions have missed is that age discrimination is on the rise again. Let’s examine the often-overlooked challenges facing mature talent -- and how contingent workforce leaders can enhance[...]

The Secret to Analytics Isn’t Bigger Data, It’s Finding the Right Data

In 1954, Darrell Huff published How to Lie with Statistics, which went on to become one of the most famous business primers in history. His intent was to explain, in simple terms, the abstruse concepts of statistical methods, their increasing presence in commerce and society, and how they’re interpreted. Although modern MBA programs probably don’t include Huff’s masterpiece in their required reading lists, they should. It was ahead of its time when released and remains tremendously relevant[...]

Creating a Purpose-Driven Business Culture for Contingent Workforce Programs

Although leadership and vision may form the heart of an organization, people are its soul. That’s why creating the right company culture has become imperative for businesses in today’s rabidly competitive market. Yet what kind of culture works best? Performance-based? Engagement-based? For contingent workforce program managers, the answer gets murkier. Contractors and staffing providers play an instrumental role in enterprises across all industries and service categories. Naturally,[...]

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