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Mindfulness: A Powerful Way to Energize Your Contingent Workforce

Posted by Sunil Bagai on Oct 6, 2016 11:00:51 AM

Over the past few weeks, we began curating a series of weekly videos called “Mindful Mondays,” which demonstrate the power that mindfulness programs play in helping busy professionals better manage their stress while optimizing their focus. Although the tips are entertaining, they’re presented by leading therapists and experts in the field who recognize that business demands and competitive pressures have grown more complex. The “overwhelmed employee” represents the hallmark of today’s working standard, rather than an isolated phenomenon or individual struggle. That’s why some of the largest and most productive organizations, companies such as Pfizer and Google, are championing mindfulness initiatives as part of their overall wellness solutions. Let’s explore the realm of mindfulness and how contingent workforce leaders can launch their own efforts to revitalize and reenergize their programs.

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Tags: mindfulness, Wellness, Workplace Health, Contingent Worker Management, Contingent Workforce Management, Health

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